Cool Book Gifts For Men Who Read

book gifts for men
Cool book gifts for men who love reading

Book Gifts for Men who read  choosing a bit away from the ordinary maybe not quite unique, here on the World Wide Web begins my search. The great thing is though you can shop in your Pyjamas,no wandering malls getting all hot and bothered.

Gift Ideas for Book Readers

Buying book gifts for men is not really that much harder than buying book gifts for women.If you are a reader of books you can kind of switch ideas to suit the man you are buying for.

If it is likely that someone else in the family or a friend will buy for the same male person. Consider steering away from the actual books, in case you double on the same book .

Men’s Reading Glasses

For men, fashion reading glasses are the go but I came across a nifty idea for the man who is out and about. And maybe has forgotten his usual men’s designer reading glasses Keychain reading glasses by ThinOPTICS.

With frames as thin as 2 credit cards and the handy keychain case keeps glasses safe so that they will not be lost.With 6 colour choices and 3 strengths to choose from.

Keychain Reading Glasses,Keychain Reading Glasses,


Personalised Whiskey Bottles

Lovely way to relax and unwind while reading a favourite book and here you can buy a great Bourbon Whiskey and personalize the bottle too.

Personalized Bourbon/WhiskeyPersonalized Bourbon/WhiskeyPersonalised Whiskey GlassesPersonalised Whiskey Glasses


Locking Book Safes

Locking Book SafeLocking Book Safe

Beautifully Hand made these locking Book Safes come in 130 different styles.
Can be personalised
Catering for individual tastes and occasions
Gift giving fake Book Safes is really looking outside the square
Reading 98 5 star reviews will give you an idea of just how dedicated this Etsy shop owner is.


Natural Lighting Floor lamps

If you are a book reader yourself you will know the importance of good light I use a A Natural Lighting Floor Lamps when sitting in my chair,they create a lovely ambience and maybe the only light you need to have on even watching television.Using a natural reading floor light or portable reading lamps that have soft light,helps to avoid headaches and eye strain.
Hobby Reading Floor Lamp choices

Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor LampDaylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor LampDaylight UN1062 Naturalight Hobby Table LampDaylight UN1062 Naturalight Hobby Table LampBrightech Litespan Soft and Warm White LED Lamp - Jet BlackBrightech Litespan Soft and Warm White LED Lamp – Jet Black


For men who read books and as I am an avid book reader myself one of my first thoughts was a journal.

Roof of Heaven,Roof of Heaven,Antique Map -Antique Map –Writing NotebookWriting Notebook


Genuine Leather Tooled Journal Tree of Life,Genuine Leather Tooled Journal Tree of Life,

I chose a Journal owing to the fact that I keep lists of my authors and the books I have read
But journals and diaries are still widely used for collectors, travel and hobbies.
This beautiful leather journal by Oberon features The Tree Of Life



  Think about BookEnds

Gear Bookend,Gear Bookend,Gothic DragonsGothic DragonsRecord BookendsRecord Bookends


Labrador Bookends, Black

Nothing more annoying than shelves of books that fall over
Solution bookends and I could not resist this set of Animal bookends
Featuring a Pair of Black Labrador dogs book ends decorative I think.



Book Lover Tan Leather Watch

Book Lover Whimsical Watches

Wow what a neat idea and these Book Lover Whimsical Watches are Unisex
great buy for all your Bookworm reading friends



Spoil Him Completely
HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair - BlackHomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair – Black

Something very comfy to sit and read in of course
Heated will be lovely in Winter
Reclines and Massages
Leather and a range of different colours
Perfect Gift



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