Only The Best Custom Leather Dog Collars Leashes

Custom Leather Dog Collars Leashes  and when only the best will do, we don’t always know just where to search. so many to pick from, where do you start.

Always choose great online shopping sites that are reputable shopping sites. And if you get a gut feeling that all is not well leave and look somewhere else.

I enjoy wandering the web shopping but because of health issues I can’t spend time in shopping malls. This was the reason I thought I would put my time to good use and shop for other people. Time is something I have plenty of.


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custom leather dog collars leashes

Custom Leather Dog Collars Leashes

On my previous blog post Personalised leather Dog Collars I came across some great looking leather dog collar leash sets.  That is my mission Today to give you a selection of leather leashes and collars for your darling fur baby.

Looking For Personalised Dog Collars Leashes

Steam Punk Collar

 A shop on Etsy in Australia the Steam Punk Collar and Collar and Leash set is personally handmade.  Designed showing a Moth Shape with a Swarovski Crystal centred in the middle, Designer Metalsmith Marina  gives a detailed description onsite.

Steampunk Dog Collar LeashSteampunk Dog Collar LeashSteam Punk CollarSteam Punk Collar


Bridle Leather Dog Collars

 Bridle Leather Dog Collars and Bridle Leather Leashes come from a Etsy Store owner and Designer Kristy In Canada.
The dog collar comes with Brass plate to add your dogs name or details

Bridle Leather Dog LeashBridle Leather Dog LeashBridle Leather Dog CollarsBridle Leather Dog Collars


Red Leather Dog Collar Lead Set

 Red Leather Dog Collar and Lead Set and another dog collar and lead set shown in Brown from Bespoke Leather in the UK who will also inscribe your dogs name FREE

Red Leather Collar Leash SetRed Leather Collar Leash SetBrown Leather Dog Collars LeadsBrown Leather Dog Collars Leads


Large Dog Leather Collar

Italian Leather Dog CollarItalian Leather Dog CollarLarge Dog Leather CollarLarge Dog Leather CollarWide Leather Dog CollarsWide Leather Dog Collars


Buddha Dog CollarBuddha Dog CollarLarge Leather Dog CollarLarge Leather Dog CollarBridle Leather CollarBridle Leather Collar


Custom Leather Dog Leashes

Long Leather Dog LeashLong Leather Dog LeashBraided Leather Dog LeadsBraided Leather Dog LeadsCustom Leather Dog LeadCustom Leather Dog Lead


Dog Feeders Automatic

Do you get overawed with modern technology because I do and my goodness now you can feed your dog and cat with your iphone

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi, 18 L x 16 W x 3 H-Inch, for Dogs and CatsFeed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi, 18 L x 16 W x 3 H-Inch, for Dogs and Cats



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