Monopoly Original Board Game

Monopoly Original Board Game an unusual gift idea

monopoly original board game
Parker Brothers Classic Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly Original Board Game 

The Monopoly Original Board Game was first called “The landlords Game” in 1904 by Lizzie Magie, who apparently patented the game.  Magie received a mere $500 with no royalties and really no recognition either this is a story I found a good read.

The now Vintage Monopoly board game has changed through the years and now has many modern new versions produced by Hasbro and The Parker Brothers.

Monopoly Vintage Game CollectionMonopoly Vintage Game CollectionMonopoly Game (80th Anniversary)Monopoly Game (80th Anniversary)


You can still get the bi-fold board in most games but the House and Hotels are often plastic I remember them as wooden. So far the tokens are die cast and remain as we knew them. Read the customer reviews to check on these details.

Monopoly Board Game Classic Edition

The Classic Edition of the Monopoly Board Game, probably the closest you will get to the old Vintage Edition if you played that one.Is Distributed and sold as the game of Monopoly as you remember it. I am sure it will bring back fond memories,particularly for Grandma and Grandpas and perhaps some parents even now.

Monopoly Original Board GameMonopoly Original Board GameMonopoly - Board Game by Parker BrothersMonopoly – Board Game 


Customised Monopoly Game

If you are thinking of an unusual gift idea, a gift that will last forever is a game of Monopoly. Better than that is a Personalised Monopoly Board Game.

I choose Etsy Com when looking for hand made items they have achieved a trusted global market place. The shop owners are true Artisans of their craft and all Etsy products are shipped worldwide

You can request custom orders by communicating with the seller customise the whole game from the box to the board, the Properties,Chance cards and even The Get out of Jail Free card.

Customised Monopoly GameCustomised Monopoly GamePersonalised Monopoly UKPersonalised Monopoly UK



Star Wars Monopoly Games

I was recently asked about the Star Wars Monopoly Games, hugely popular I am told with the boys and their dads. In our world of equal opportunity I best not leave out the girls,there are several different versions for Star Wars Monopoly games to choose from but also I found the Game of Thrones Monopoly Game Enjoy.

Monopoly Game Star WarsMonopoly Game Star WarsMonopoly: Game of ThronesMonopoly: Game of Thrones


Monopoly Personalised Board Games

You maybe looking for personalised Couples Gifts and a gift suggestion for the couple, perhaps for a Engagement or Wedding present is a Customised Monopoly Game. Make it their very own game with properties,stores and favourite vacation places.

Please, again order early if it is for Christmas.

Monopoly personalised board gamesMonopoly personalised board gamesWizopoly like Harry Potter AUSWizopoly like Harry Potter AUS


Junior Monopoly Board Game

There are many versions of Monopoly Games for Kids

The Junior Monopoly Board Game is amazingly well set up for children,of course being a much easier version. Encourages quality time with kids and has places that they relate to such as Pizza Parlours and Toy Stores.

Monopoly Frozen EditionMonopoly Frozen EditionMonopoly Junior: DisneyMonopoly Junior: DisneyMonopoly Junior BoardMonopoly Junior Board


Scrabble Spelling Word board Games

Buy safely and securely

Etsy protects every transaction, so shop with confidence


Our marketplace is a world of vintage and handmade goods

I am thrilled to have been accepted by Etsy as an affiliate for their worldwide site and in doing that I may make a small amount from sales. This does not increase your price.

More than a million independent sellers from everywhere are right here


Family Fun Spelling Word Board Games

Spelling Word Board Games

Scrabble probably has been known as one of the best spelling word board games available and played all over the world. Played by kids who are now adults like you and me, and who also have kids or grandchildren of our own that we play with.


Spelling Word Board Games
Family Fun Spelling Word Board Games

However Scrabble is not the only word board game that is excellent for children and adults

Best Educational Board Games

Have you filled in Word search in magazines and puzzle books and most of all  really enjoyed it. Now  you can also try the Word Search Board Game and the Junior Word Search Game. Another absolutely fantastic word game for the younger members of your family

Word search board gameWord search board gameJunior Word search gameJunior Word search game

Play On Words Game
The Play on Words Game won the Silver Honor Award with The Parents Choice Foundation it is a clever mind expanding game that is fun to play.A game for all the family to play
If you like the Play on Words Game you will thoroughly enjoy The Quiddler board game.

Play on Words GamePlay on Words GameQuiddler Card GameQuiddler Card Game

Quiddler Junior Card GameQuiddler Junior Card GameThe Quiddler SHORT Word DictionaryThe Quiddler SHORT Word Dictionary



Double Play Cards This game you can play on your own as a couple or with up to six players. Easy and quick to learn makes this game great fun for all the family


Boggle Board Game

A truly addictive game that some years ago had been discontinued you can now have Big Boggle or Super Big Boggle

Big BoggleBig BoggleSuper Big BoggleSuper Big Boggle

Alpha Bandits Word GameAlpha Bandits Word GameOne Up! - It's like ScrabbleOne Up! – It’s like Scrabble

spelling word board games

Lets play Scrabble for chocolate

In a hurry to buy a Scrabble Board Game Here

Buy Scrabble Board Games 

There are so many different versions of the Scrabble Board Game Online that you are spoilt for choice. And many are discontinued and replaced with newer versions of the game one I do like is the Deluxe Scrabble Board Game. with the added wheeled board that can be turned to each player.

I remember my dad making a frame for our game so we could turn it around. This way changed having to turn the board by hand with the tiles slipping out of place.

Deluxe Turntable ScrabbleDeluxe Turntable ScrabbleScrabble Deluxe Edition GameScrabble Deluxe Edition Game

Scrabble TypographyScrabble TypographyUpwords The 3-DimensionalUpwords The 3-Dimensional

I Personally own a Wooden Scrabble board game

 Click here for A Monopoly Original Board Game

Vintage Scrabble Board Game

I could not resist adding my personal vintage, the Retro Scrabble board game as this was the edition my father bought for us in the 1960s. I was amazed that out of all the basic Scrabble boards I have looked at while writing this, that the retro version has the Top most customer reviews.

Scrabble Retro Series ExclusiveScrabble Retro Series Exclusive

  Two most gorgeous editions added to the series Scrabble Spelling Word Board Games,  The Black Onyx Scrabble and the Pearl Edition Scrabble.

Scrabble Pearl Edition with Rotating BoardScrabble Pearl Edition Scrabble Onyx EditionScrabble Onyx Edition


Scrabble For Children

Lets not forget the children, you can buy a Disney Junior Scrabble Board Game for your little ones to learn and play with you and the Scrabble Junior Game, a great gift giving idea,which is a two-sided Scrabble Board,one side very easy and the other with a bit more difficulty.


Scrabble Junior Board GameScrabble Junior Board GameScrabble Junior DisneyScrabble Junior Disney

If you want to buy the Official Scrabble Word list complete,then you need the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OWL). Available from the North American Scrabble Players Association.

Spelling word board games
Family Fun spelling word board games

Jam Drops Easy Recipe

jam drops easy recipe
Home baked jam drops great for Christmas with red cherries


Jam Drops Easy Recipe, Jam Drops also known as the Best Thumbprint Cookies, can be baked any day of the year and my Jam Drop cookies/biscuits are one of a selection I make for Easy Bake Christmas cookies 

At Christmas time I push red glace cherry halves into the cookie instead of jam and they are so bright and colourful and then you can add the contrast colour of green glace cherry halves great Home baked cookie gift idea.

Jam Drop cookies or Thumb Print Cookies are called this because on your circles of cookie dough you press an indent with your thumb, (if looking for a more hygienic way use a cork)  and fill these indents with your favourite Jam or filling.  

Jam Drops Easy Recipe Ingredients

  • 2 cups All-Purpose/ SR Flour (sifted)
  • 3/4 cup Granulated sugar/Caster Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Softened Butter or Margarine
  •  2 Eggs
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
  •  1/2 Cup favourite Jam/filling 
  • If baking for Christmas
  • Red Glace Cherries
  • Green Glace Cherries                                                       

    jam drops easy recipe ingredients
    Jam Drops easy recipe ingredients

Jam Drops Easy Recipe Method

Makes approximately 30

  • Turn on your oven 360 F, 180 C , 160 Fan Forced
  • Prepare 2 baking trays, I like to add a baking paper to mine.
  • Beat Butter and Sugar, to a cream
  • Add Eggs one at a time and beat well.
  • Add the teaspoon of Vanilla Essence.
  • Add your flour a little at a time
  • Mix well until the dough is stiff.
  • Take pinches of your dough and roll into balls
  • Place onto your greased or baking paper lined baking trays
  • The mixture spreads so leave about 2 finger widths apart
  • Press your indents into the cookie balls
  • Fill with about 1/2 teaspoon of jam
  • If using the red or green Glace Cherries no indents needed for this method place a half cherry into the middle of your cookie balls.
  • Bake in your pre-heated oven 15-20 minutes
  • After about 10 minutes swap your trays around in the oven until they are all baked golden brown.

Amazon genuine Customer review

You will find many genuine reviews on the Airbake Cookie Sheets and they certainly sold it to me and also you seem to be able to bake about 4 dozen cookies. Way to go if you are having a Bake Sale too.

Amazon genuine top customer review

AIRBAKE COOKIE SHEETS ARE SIMPLY THE BESTNo more burnt cookies because when using Airbake cookie sheets the air insulation stops the top sheet from over heating and burning your cookies. They have a 10 year guarantee and are also Aluminium, and your cookies will bake much quicker than normal baking Trays.

AirBake 2 PackAirBake 2 PackAirBake Cake PanAirBake Cake Pan


Plus Size Womens Halloween Costume Shopping

My most favourite very best friend is a plus size clothing girl some where between a 3x to 4x clothing size. My honest opinion she seeks when looking for clothing for special occasions and so currently we are Plus Size Womens Halloween Costume shopping.

Costume Finder: What will you be this Halloween?


Plus Size Women Halloween Costume Shopping

At the time of writing this my friend was undecided as to which Halloween costume she wanted,whatever she picks she will buy matching Halloween costumes for her much loved family,her Husband and two children, a little girl and a cheeky little boy.

plus size womens Halloween Costume shopping
Have one great Bewitching night

So far the Halloween Costumes we have picked are a Witch Halloween costume and a Sorceress Halloween costume. Halloween accessories can be purchased or home made to accent the costume,some costumes have some of the accessories included which is a good buy.

In a hurry click here Hot Plus Size Lingerie

We also picked out two Fun Halloween Costumes the Mad Hatter costume and a Racy Racoon Costume, fantastic if you are feeling you don’t want to go over the top with sexy stuff.


Glamour WitchGlamour WitchSorceress Costume,Sorceress Costume,


Racy RaccoonRacy RaccoonMad Hatter,Mad Hatter,


Police Woman's Plus-SizePolice Woman’s Plus-Size


Looking to play the part of a  Halloween Female Cop_ Police Woman this Halloween Police Woman’s costume looks great,don’t forget your handcuffs.

We added the Police Womans Halloween Accessories of fish net stockings, Satin Gloves and the Police Hat.

Satin Gloves,Satin Gloves,Fish Net TightsFish Net TightsPolice HatPolice Hat


1920 Flapper dresses Plus Size classy

We picked out two styles of Flapper dresses,they both look alluring and again team with the Halloween Flapper Costume accessories. Feathered headband, a string of pearls and long sleeved gloves and fish net stockings.

Plus-Size FlapperPlus-Size Flapper


Plus size sexy Gatsby Flapper

Plus-Size Gatsby FlapperPlus-Size Gatsby Flapper


1920s Flapper Dresses Plus Size Accessories

Long Satin Gloves,Long Satin Gloves,Flapper HeadbandFlapper HeadbandPearl flapper beadsPearl flapper beads


Must say in all our searching we have been very impressed with the company Leg Avenue on Amazon with a impressive selection of clothing for Plus Size women.
You may want the romance to continue after your Halloween evening out, or maybe your partner or husband would, so I am adding in some sexy underwear for you to look at,there is certainly some gorgeous plus size lingerie to be found.

Plus Size LacePlus Size LacePlus Size Teddy,Plus Size Teddy,Cute Briefs KnickersCute Briefs Knickers


Look sexy and seductive in a  Ninja Costume  or a real stunner as Red Riding Hood  

Plus-Size 4 Piece NinjaPlus-Size 4 Piece NinjaRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood



Plus size women Halloween costume shopping

Scariest Halloween Ideas Home and Garden

For the Scariest Halloween ideas read on, and plan your way to having a screamingly funny Halloween, either way be voted one of the best Halloween decorated houses in your neighbourhood time and time again.

Have your phone or camera ready for some great spooky Halloween photos and Set up a video to record your screamingly funny Halloween games. Replay after your fun Halloween for family friends and neighbours.

scariest Halloween ideas
Will you have the scariest Halloween ideas for decorations in your home and garden


Do not forget you need batteries Fast purchase here

Scary Halloween Decorations Outdoor

Pumpkin GreetersPumpkin GreetersProjection LightProjection LightSkeleton HalloweenSkeleton Halloween


Animated SkeletonAnimated SkeletonThe ZombieThe Zombie


Mega Yard Spider Web Halloween Decor 23' X 18'BestMega Yard Spider Web Halloween Decor 23′ X 18’BestFun Express 25/5554 Halloween Super-Size Creepy Cloth,Fun Express 25/5554 Halloween Super-Size Creepy Cloth,Super Sized Black Halloween CREEPY CLOTH - 8 YARDSSuper Sized Black Halloween CREEPY CLOTH – 8 YARDS


 Spider Decorations Halloween

Giant SpiderGiant SpiderSpooky Spider websSpooky Spider websSkull LanternSkull Lantern


Giant Spider Halloween Decoration with 8 Ft WebGiant Spider Halloween Decoration with 8 Ft WebFun Express Realistic Hairy Spider With LED EyesFun Express Realistic Hairy Spider With LED EyesFun World Posable Hairy Spider Assorted Colors 50Fun World Posable Hairy Spider Assorted Colors 50



Click here for Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween


 Ghost Decoration Halloween

Rotating GhostRotating GhostGhostlyGhostlyOutdoor HalloweenOutdoor Halloween


5353″ Hanging Ghost – Halloween Decorative AccessoriesFLASHING LIGHT UP HALLOWEEN GHOST DECORATION SET!FLASHING LIGHT UP HALLOWEEN GHOST DECORATION SET!Lighted Halloween Spooky Ghost Window Silhouette DecorationLighted Halloween Spooky Ghost Window Silhouette Decoration


Online Halloween Invitations here

Scary Props Halloween

Props ScaryProps ScaryCocoon CorpseCocoon CorpseHalloween DécorHalloween Décor


Halloween Decoration - Scary Peeper - Tapping Peeper - The True-to-Life Motion Activated Window Prop that really taps on your windowHalloween Decoration – Scary Peeper Halloween Decoration - Scary Peeper - Giggle - The True-to-Life Window Prop that will scare your socks offHalloween Decoration – Scary Peeper  Halloween Decoration - Scary Peeper - Reaper Peeper - The True-to-Life Light-up Window Prop that will scare your socks offHalloween Decoration – Scary Peeper 


Remember to purchase a stock of batteries fast buy click here

Online Halloween Invitations Ideas

Have you thought about Halloween yet, Yes it is early, but time flies yesterday I wrote about Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween
You are Halloween party planning and have your Halloween costumes and dress ups you may be needing Halloween Party Invitations ideas, here are a few online Halloween Invitations .

Cannot always get to the store to purchase your Invitations, easily purchase online and have your products delivered to your door


myshelle com online Halloween invitations

Online Halloween Invitations

The online Halloween Invitations shown in this post have both images and quick clickable text links. I have Amazon shopping because I like the way on most products that you can read customer reviews and you can purchase safely 24/7.

I also have Zazzle, If you choose to use Zazzle for your online Halloween invitations you are supporting, moms and dads who may work from home to earn a few extra dollars to pay the utility bills.

Scary Halloween Invitation Ideas

We all have different ideas on what is scary could it be the Skulls,Graves or Monsters

24 Halloween24 HalloweenBe ScaryBe ScaryFright NightFright NightBe AfraidBe Afraid


Bulk Buy Halloween Invitations
Purchase up to 200 Invites

Black CatBlack CatColourfulColourfulOwl & PumpkinOwl & Pumpkin


Halloween Birthday Party Invitations Kids Monsters

Halloween Baby Shower Invites Unisex

Halloween Bridal Shower Invitations Scary Goth

Halloween Wedding Invitations

50 Pumpkin50 PumpkinHalloween themeHalloween themeScary TicketScary Ticket


Quick Look for Halloween Costumes or home and Garden ideas

Cute Infant Halloween Costumes

Sexy couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

Plus Size Women Halloween Costume Ideas

Scariest Halloween Ideas for Home and Garden


Witch Vintage Halloween Party InvitationWitch Vintage Halloween Party InvitationGraveyard Antics Halloween InvitationGraveyard Antics Halloween InvitationVintage Retro Halloween Party InvitationsVintage Retro Halloween Party InvitationsHalloween Bash Graveyard InvitationHalloween Bash Graveyard InvitationCute Black Cat Halloween Party InvitationCute Black Cat Halloween Party Invitation


Scary Halloween Invites

Halloween Invite - Scary Cat in GraveyardHalloween Invite – Scary Cat in GraveyardEat drink be scary white Halloween InvitationEat drink be scary white Halloween Invitationscary raven halloween invitationscary raven halloween invitation


  If you choose to use Zazzle for your online Halloween invitations you are supporting, moms and dads who may work from home to earn a few extra dollars to pay the utility bills.

Not many people realise this and see Zazzle as having done all these designs. In fact though The Zazzle Company does everything else but the designs. They print and post out to you.

You may find you need to alter the details to personalise with your own name and address, or the day,date or time, this is easily done by removing the text placed by the store owner and typing in your own.

Scary Halloween props click here to read more on Halloween.

Funny Halloween Invitations

Halloween Invitation American GothicHalloween Invitation American GothicFunny Adult Halloween invitationsFunny Adult Halloween invitationsFunny Witches Brew Halloween Party InvitesFunny Witches Brew Halloween Party Invites


Trick or Treat Halloween Invitations

TRICK OR TREAT HALLOWEEN INVITATIONTRICK OR TREAT HALLOWEEN INVITATIONTrick or treat Halloween girls party invitationTrick or treat Halloween girls party invitationTrick or Treat Pup Card Halloween inviteTrick or Treat Pup Card Halloween invite


Fun Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween

family dress up ideas Halloween

 Fun Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween

 Fun Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween don’t you love the fun to be had just getting ready for Halloween and looking for new ideas. Browsing the large variety of costumes for you and the kids that are available,you get so caught up looking.

As my children are grown now is why I have the best time checking out much of what is available. For you and families like yours who want to go all out celebrating Halloween, there is so much out there you get spoilt for choice.

Quick Buy Link to be taken straight to Wizard of Oz Costumes Amazon  

Quick Buy Link to be taken straight to Amazon Witch Accessories 

So as a family do you like to dress to a theme or all very differently. at the babies and toddler clothing let alone the grown ups and little girls and boys Halloween costumes.  The hours just disappear.

In days past popular Halloween costumes were Witches and Vampires, Ghosts, Pumpkins,Skeletons I still like to offer these. Today it seems anything fun and popular is the way to go Star wars of course, Super Heroes,Clowns and Pirates.

Etsy Halloween Costume

Vampire Costumes

Baby Vampire Costume UKBaby Vampire Costume UKVampire Halloween TutuVampire Halloween Tutu


Boy Vampire CostumeBoy Vampire CostumeGirls Vampire CostumeGirls Vampire Costume


Bridal Vampire HalloweenBridal Vampire HalloweenMale Vampire HalloweenMale Vampire Halloween


Red and Black Medieval dressRed and Black Medieval dressHalloween Medieval Dress UKHalloween Medieval Dress UK


Girls Victorian VampireGirls Victorian VampireLittle Girls Vampire Costume
For Halloween or Dressing up for Vampire themed Birthday parties.. In 2016 this was my best seller from Amazon.



Vampire girlsVampire girlsGothic VampiressGothic VampiressGirls Vampire SmallGirls Vampire Small


Boys Kids DraculaBoys Kids DraculaVampire Costume BabyVampire Costume BabyBoys' Baby VampireBoys’ Baby Vampire


Women's Plus GothWomen’s Plus GothWomen VampWomen VampAdult Sorceress,Adult Sorceress,


Killer ClownKiller ClownAdult Pig CostumeAdult Pig CostumeMen's Cool VampireMen’s Cool Vampire


Scroll down for Child Witch Costumes

Pumpkin Style Family Theme Halloween Costumes 

pumpkin pictures free

Pumpkin Facts Halloween

Ever wondered Why Pumpkin Halloween I always mistakenly thought that this Originated in The USA it all kind of comes together. Fall, Autumn,Thanksgiving, Halloween, wrong it actually originated in Ireland and they were actually called Jack O Lanterns. Not with Pumpkins though but with Potatoes or Turnips in which a candle was placed to light the way.

It was not until the Irish migrated to America and saw the Big bright Orange Pumpkins growing that a new trend was started,

The Halloween Book of Facts and FunThe Halloween Book of Facts and Fun


Etsy Halloween Costume

Pumpkin Costumes Kids and Adults

Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween

Baby Pumpkin Costume Pumpkin Costume kidsGirls Halloween DressEtsy Halloween Costume


Pumpkin Witch CostumePumpkin Witch CostumeBoys Pumpkin TshirtBoys Pumpkin Tshirt


Halloween HatsHalloween HatsPumpkin Baby BootiesPumpkin Baby Booties


Pumpkin Cutie PiePumpkin Cutie PiePumpkin Hat BabyPumpkin Hat BabyNewborn HalloweenNewborn Halloween


Baby PumpkinBaby PumpkinFirst HalloweenFirst HalloweenPumpkins KnittedPumpkins Knitted


Pumpkin TunicPumpkin TunicPumpkin WitchPumpkin WitchPumpkin AdultPumpkin Adult


Pumpkin CostumePumpkin CostumeHalloween BlackHalloween BlackYouth HalloweenYouth Halloween


Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween Witches

Stories abound about how when and why Witches came to be on Halloween and it is too long a story to tell here but I found you a lovely video made for children and there are some great reads online about Witches and Halloween if you Google.

Toddler Girl Witch CostumesToddler Girl Witch CostumesBaby Witch Tutu CostumeBaby Witch Tutu Costume


Glinda Good Witch CostumeGlinda Good Witch CostumeGirls Wicked Witch CostumeGirls Wicked Witch Costume


Wizard Fancy Dress Boys CloakWizard Fancy Dress Boys CloakToddler Boy Wizard Costume UKToddler Boy Wizard Costume UK


Women Witch Costumes UKWomen Witch Costumes UKSexy Adult Witch Costume UKSexy Adult Witch Costume UK


Girls WitchGirls WitchFairytale WitchFairytale WitchStory Book WitchStory Book Witch


Starry Wizard CapeStarry Wizard CapeWizard Cape HatWizard Cape HatMen's Mr. WizardMen’s Mr. Wizard


Wizard of OzWizard of OzWitch CostumeWitch CostumeBewitched RomperBewitched Romper


 Custom Made Face masks Etsy

Custom made face MaskCustom made face MaskCustom made face MaskCustom made face MaskCustom made face MaskCustom made face Mask


Custom Made Face MaskCustom Made Face MaskCustom Made Face MaskCustom Made Face MaskCustom Made Face MaskCustom Made Face Mask


Silicone Face Mask Amazon

Rubie's Costume Screaming CorpseScreaming CorpseRubie's Costume Co Mummy Mask CostumeMummy Mask Costume


Halloween Dress Ups Wigs Etsy

Goth Hair ExtensionsGoth Hair ExtensionsHalloween LED Light WigHalloween LED Light WigBlack Halloween WigBlack Halloween Wig


Halloween dress-ups wigs

Angelaicos Women Monster High Frankie Stein Women Monster Smiffy's Men's Hard Rocker Wig Blonde Long TousledMen’s Hard Rocker Wig California Costumes Vampire Child WigVampire Child Wig


Halloween Makeup Supplies

Super Jumbo Value Deluxe Family Makeup Kit; Halloween MakeupHalloween MakeupMoon Glow 6x 0.34oz Fake Blood - Halloween Vampire Zombie Theatre StageFake Blood – Halloween Halloween Horror Prop - 3 sets of Dental Quality Resin Teeth for Prop Building!Resin Teeth 


Buy safely and securely

Etsy protects every transaction, so shop with confidence


Our marketplace is a world of vintage and handmade goods

I am thrilled to have been accepted by Etsy as an affiliate for their worldwide site and in doing that I may make a small amount from sales. This does not increase your price.

More than a million independent sellers from everywhere are right here


Top Rated Wrist Watches-Couples Gifts Ideas

Top Rated Wrist Watches come to mind for the perfect gift this season, I have very fond memories of my first watch.

Watches make lovely family keepsake gifts for so many special occasions,

At the age of five my  parents gave me my watch, I still have it though it was rather dilapidated for me to pass on.


top rated wrist watches

Looking for watches for couples

Couples Gifts Ideas,Top rated Luxury watches for couples in love, romantic and certainly a beautiful expression of togetherness

Tiannbu Fq-102 Ultrathin Leather Romantic Black Pair Fashion Wrist Watches for Couple Men Women(set of 2) Romantic Black Tiannbu Brand Fq-102 Ultrathin Leather Romantic Love Heart Design Pair Couple Wrist Watches Black+White Romantic Love Heart 


These gorgeous his and her watches gift set has a loving theme for Soulmates and  is especially designed for lovers with the meaning
“ Thank god I met you”

When the watch faces are placed together they create a love heart and you see the word “ Love”

Couples watches Gift set

Wood Watches for Couples

Wood Watches for CouplesWood Watches for CouplesFree EngravingFree Engraving


Watches with Diamonds
Beautiful watches with elegance for your special occasion.

His and Hers Watches: Yellow Gold Plated Luxurman Diamond Watch Set 3.5ct Luxurman Diamond WatchMatching His and Hers Watches: Luxurman Oversized Diamond Watch Set 0.55ctHis and Hers  Luxurman 


Iced Out Diamond Watches

Techno Pave Iced Out Bling Lab Diamond Gold Black Digital Touch Screen Sports Smart WatchTechno Pave Iced Out Gold Finish AP-02 Watch Simulated Diamonds Custom Iced Out Celeb Wear JojoGold Finish Watch Iced Out Mens Analog Metal Band BM Lab Diamond Bracelet & Watch SetIced Out Mens  Diamond Gold Black Hip Hop Iced Out Bling Unique Folding Clip Band Baller Wrist WatchGold Black Hip Hop Iced 


Top Rated Men Watches For Him

Wood Watches For Him

Wood Watches For HimWood Watches For HimFree Shipping WorldwideFree Shipping Worlwide


Wood Watch Free ShipWood Watch Free ShipCherry Wood WatchCherry Wood Watch


Talley & Twine Men's Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch, Color:Silver-TonedTalley & Twine Men’s Stuhrling Original Men's 'Legacy' Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Dress Watch, Color:BlackStuhrling Original Men’s BUREI Men's Skeleton Automatic Wrist Watches with Gold Bezel White Dial Black LeatherBUREI Men’s Skeleton


Top Rated women Watches For Her

Wood Watches for Her

Wood Watch for HerWood Watch for HerFree Custom EngravingFree Custom Engraving


Free shipping WorldwideFree shipping WorldwideFree EngravingFree Engraving


Anne Klein Women's Swarovski Crystal-Accented Rose Gold-ToneAnne Klein Women’s Anne Klein Women's AK/1028BKGB Swarovski Crystal-Accented WatchAnne Klein Women’s  Langii Lrg1514b21pk Women's Jewelry Bracelet Wrist Watches Rose GoldWomen’s Jewelry Bracelet  


Top Rated Boys watches

Choose from Star Wars Kids Watches, Lego kids Star wars Watches, Timex Kids Watches Boys . Many more designs to choose from click any Amazon Link.


Star Wars Kids' STW3434 Analog Display Quartz Black WatchStar Wars Kids’ LEGO Kids' Star Wars Darth Maul Plastic Watch with Link BraceletLEGO Kids’ Star WarsTimex Kids' T71912 Digital Watch with Camouflage Nylon BandTimex Kids’ 


Top rated Girls Watches

Disney Kids' W000970 Frozen Snow Queen Watch with Pink Nylon BandDisney Kids Frozen Watchitude 267 Slap Watch - Woof great watch with dogs Slap Watch – Timex Kids T79081 My First Timex Easy Reader Watch with Pink BandTimex Kids 


Quit Smoking Encouragement Without Nagging

This is not another read nagging you to quit smoking,this is Quit Smoking Encouragement because nothing is more irritating than constant nagging.

Constant nagging is no way for quit smoking encouragement if you want to try  to encourage someone to quit smoking

quit smoking encouragement

You hear a lot of ex smokers success stories, you never think that one day you will be one of them. It’s a kinda them and us feeling and Yes we all know how well meaning family and friends can get on your nerves, going on at you with reasons to give up smoking but you have to want to do it

quit smoking encouragement
Terrible addiction but you can give up smoking

My reason for quitting smoking

Honestly it was the cost and I am not going to tell lies and say my health because after 46 years, yes I smoked for 46 years and heavy 35-50 cigarettes per day.  There are hundreds of toxic reasons to give up cigarettes,including our health I agree

Many products are available to us to succeed and quitting Nicotine cold Turkey was certainly not the way I thought I could quit.

My Quit Smoking encouragement

My tips to give up smoking that worked for me

I guess I must have been ready mentally and perhaps that is another helpful tip, though I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

 Honestly –This worked for me –Do not set a date but when you feel ready to try just tell yourself,  that you will see how long you can go without a cigarette. Sound too simple yes it does but it truly did work for me I quit smoking.

Also I did join a government incentive programme for extra support, Do programmes help quit smoking well for me it was a bit of extra support. They phoned me twice weekly to start and after 3 months I felt ok to carry on.


Quit SmokingQuit SmokingComplete Quit KitComplete Quit KitOral Strip AidOral Strip Aid


 January 4th 2016 at 11 am I still had 2 cigarettes in a packet and a new unopened packet of cigarettes. I don’t know why I chose that time to try and quit nicotine . I guess I must have felt ready to give up smoking and I had  been thinking about it for a long time.

Most successful ex smokers have Tried to quit smoking several times I certainly have.

no-smoking-we quit
Not so easy but you can quit

Should you use Quit Smoking Aids 

I would recommend any product that helps smokers to break the Nicotine habit and have recently read up on The Kerry Gaynor Method – The Doctor Recommended way to QUIT SMOKING FOR LIFE – No withdrawals, Cravings, or Weight Gain, guaranteed.

The Kerry Gaynor Method - The Doctor Recommended way to QUIT SMOKING FOR LIFE - No withdrawals, Cravings, or Weight Gain, guaranteed - Stop Smoking and Start Living and take control of your health today.The Kerry Gaynor Method  QUIT SMOKING FOR LIFE 



Lung DetoxLung DetoxLung DetoxLung DetoxClear LungsClear Lungs


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More stop smoking help products

 I was about a month along and reading a lot of books. Have you got any idea how much extra time you have when you aren’t rushing off to smoke a cigarette? Some of my book characters smoked and that really affected me so I went and purchased some gum, Nicorette Nicotine gum.

I chose 4mg and found it really helped,  here are some you can choose from. I used Nicorette you may prefer the 2mg.

Nicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 4 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 160 countNicorette Nicotine Gum Nicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 4 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 20 countNicorette Nicotine Gum Nicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 2 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 20 countNicorette Nicotine GumNicorette Gum, White Ice Mint, 200 Pieces,2 mg EachNicorette Gum,


I liked the mint taste of the Nicorette gum and found I could chew a piece for a couple of hours by chewing as recommended. Then resting the gum in my mouth. I did not feel any tingling in my mouth in fact I had no adverse effects.

Nicotine Patches do they work

Nicotine patches contain about 1/3 to 1/2 of nicotine found in cigarettes and the nicotine from them moves a lot slower through your body than that of a cigarette.

Nicotine therapy will work for most smokers wanting to quit it is a case of how badly you want to quit that counts. However if at any time you slip up don’t give up just go back to what you have been doing.

If you are thinking about combining two quit smoking aids together such as the patch and gum please consult your Doctor.

Novartis Nicotine Transdermal System Stop Smoking Aid Patch, Step 1, 21 Mg - 28 EaNovartis Nicotine Transdermal Novartis Nicotine Transdermal System Stop Smoking Aid Patches - 28 Each (Step 2 - 14 Mg)Novartis Nicotine Transdermal )Nicotine Transdermal System Patch, Stop Smoking Aid, 7 mg, Step 3, 14 patchesNicotine Transdermal 



quit smoking encouragement

NicoDerm CQ STEP 1 - 3 Week Kit - 21 Clear 21 mg Nicotine PatchesNicoDerm Nicotine Patches


 You may like to have a look at these Harmless Cigarettes.
They will give you that feeling of having the hand to mouth habit of smoking but are nicotine and chemical free.
The Harmless cigarette gives about 2000 puffs with an estimated lasting time of 3-5 weeks.
Customers have given these a 82% 5 star reviews.

Harmless Cigarette Quit Smoking Aid. Therapeutic Solution Helps Make it Easy to Quit & Replace Smoking. (Stop Smoking Aid. / Easy Way To Quit.)Harmless Cigarette Quit Harmless Cigarette Therapeutic Solution / Best Quit Smoking Product - Quit Smoking Aid to Help Quit or Replace Smoking (Fresh Mint)Harmless Cigarette Harmless Cigarette Therapeutic Solution / Quit Smoking Aid to Help Quit & Replace Smoking / Easy Way To Quit / Best Stop Smoking ProductHarmless Cigarette 


Looking to buy a congratulation gift for a family member or friend,or a trinket for your self who has quit smoking

No Smoking I Quit Basic Round Button KeychainNo Smoking I Quit Basic No Smoking Coffee MugNo Smoking Coffee MugNo Smoking I Quit StickerNo Smoking I Quit StickerNo Smoking I Quit Pinback ButtonNo Smoking I Quit Pinback No Smoking I quit T-shirtNo Smoking I quit T-shirtI gave up smoking ShirtI gave up smoking ShirtNO Smoking I Kicked Butt T-shirtNO Smoking I Kicked Butt No Smoking I Quit ShirtNo Smoking I Quit ShirtNo Smoking I Quit HatNo Smoking I Quit Hat


Kleva Knife Sharpener Best Buy


kleva knife sharpener
The Kleva Knife Sharpener is the best, easiest and fastest knife

Throw out your old knife sharpeners and yes even your electric one, Do Not throw out your old knives, Why you askThe Kleva Knife Sharpener is the best, easiest and fastest knife sharpener you will ever buy and use.

Sharpen every old knife that you have in your home,even butter knives I guarantee you won’t be sorry.

Did you know The Kleva Sharp Sharpener will even sharpen your garden tools.

Looking for a left handed vegetable and potato peeler please scroll down

Watch the video below to see how true this is.

Kleva Knife Sharpener Guarantee

Kleva Sharp USA have patented their amazing knife sharpener and offer you a 30 day 100% money back guarantee , you cannot ask for more than that.

This knife sharpener is small only 5.4 x 5 x 2.5 inches which I am truly happy with because if I do not want it attached to my kitchen bench with the suction cup which is secure, I can easily fit it into a kitchen drawer.

This will be a safe knife sharpener to use for any one from teenagers to seniors

Can you sharpen serrated knives with the Kleva Sharp – yes absolutely you can, I push down a little harder and if needed do a few more pulls through the sharpener.

I give every knife 3 to 5 good pulls through the Tungsten Carbide tool and my knives are blade sharp every time.


KLEVA SHARP NEW USA Patented Knife Sharpener - The quick way to sharpen knives in seconds - 100% Money Back GuaranteeKLEVA SHARP NEW USA Patented Knife Sharpener – The quick way to sharpen knives in seconds – 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are a professional meat cutter or Butcher

Kleva recommend you purchase the Kleva Sharp Pro or the Kleva Sharp Platinum as each has a secondary sharpen to remove nicks and slight imperfections.


KLEVA SHARP PRO USA Patented Professional Metal Knife Sharpener - Ensure a Razor Sharp Edge for your Knives, Scissors and ToolsKLEVA SHARP PRO USA Patented Professional Metal Knife Sharpener – Ensure a Razor Sharp Edge for your Knives, Scissors and ToolsKLEVA SHARP PLATINUM Metal Dual Action Professional Knife Sharpener - The Professional Standard Hot and Cold Sharpen for your Knives, Tools and ScissorsKLEVA SHARP PLATINUM Metal Dual Action Professional Knife Sharpener – The Professional Standard Hot and Cold Sharpen for your Knives, Tools and Scissors


kleva sharp
These are my Kleva Sharp kitchen accessories Knife set,Knife sharpener and Vegetable peeler

The Keva Chef vegetable peeler

My next purchase was the Kleva Chef vegetable and potato peeler with a ergonomic large handle that makes it a great kitchen accessory for those with Arthritis in fingers and hands.

The Kleva peeler is wonderful for left handed people and it peels backward as well as forward.

Sharp oh yes it is certainly sharp and is the only vegetable peeler I have owned that will peel a whole pumpkin

You can peel your potatoes and vegetables nice and thin to prevent a lot of waste and you can add a bit of pressure to slice a bit thicker for attractive vege strips for salads and decoration.

In addition Kleva hooks cut eyes out of potatoes and blemishes from fruit and veg. Plus you get a 60 day 100% guarantee.

KLEVA CHEF Japanese Stainless Steel Vegetable and Potato Peeler - quick, safe and so easy to useKLEVA CHEF Japanese Stainless Steel Vegetable and Potato Peeler – quick, safe and so easy to use


Kleva Pumpkin Peeler

I have a love hate relationship with Pumpkins I love a Pumpkin Pie, roasted Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Soup. I hate peeling them especially when I am peeling my huge Pumpkin for a batch of soup.

Yesterday I needed soup for a fundraiser and purchased a whole 9LB Pumpkin, I didn’t want to lose a lot of my weight of the Pumpkin flesh by cutting away the skin and so I used my Kleva vegetable peeler.

It was indeed a mighty job and time consuming but I can verify your Kleva potato and vegetable peeler will peel pumpkin.

Kleva Pumpkin Peeler
I used my Kleva Vegetable peeler to peel a 9LB Pumpkin