Looking For Little Girls Witch Costume

Little girls Witch Costume ideas and if you are like me and can’t sew for nuts consider buying one.

There are some cool Witches dress up costumes to be found at varying prices and at what you want to pay. Depends on whether you want to buy at a cheaper cost and then add it to the kids dress up trunk or hang up for another occasion such as a Witch themed Halloween Party.


little girls witch costume

Good Witch VS Bad Witch

Remember the days when a Kids Wicked Witch Costume was a witch all in black but times have certainly changed and now it’s Witches in many pretty colors. And of course Glinda the Good Witch.

Little Girls Witch Costume Ideas 

First lets look at a copy of Glinda the good witch costume a pretty pink dress with a matching crown in pink. Just perfect for girly girls.

Good Witch Child Costume

I affiliate for 3 companies Amazon,Costumes4Less and Etsy for hand made items and may earn a little from your purchase but this does not increase the cost to you.

Here Amazon has a  Wizard of Oz Deluxe Glinda The Good Witch Costume a 75th Anniversary edition. This is officially licensed Wizard of Oz merchandise

Wizard of Oz Deluxe Glinda The Good Witch Costume, Medium (75th Anniversary Edition)

Barbie Witch Child CostumeWitch Wonderful Child Costume

Glinda the Good WitchGlinda the Good Witch

Party supplies

Kids Wicked Witch Costume

Definitely no wicked kids when it’s a dressing up occasion maybe a bit a cranky when it is all over.  Just seeing children have so much fun whether a Witch themed Halloween or a birthday party aren’t we always so proud. Worn out too.

Child Witch CostumeChild Witch CostumeWitch Child CostumeWitch Child Costume

Fairytale Witch Girls CostumeFairytale Witch Girls CostumeStory Book Witch Costume -Story Book Witch Costume –

Velvet Witch Child CostumeVelvet Witch Child CostumeRocking Out Witch Child CostumeRocking Out Witch Child Costume

Little Girls Witch Costume 

Can be found in so many different colors and styles something to match a variety of colorful party themes. Here you have two witch costumes one in yellow and one in green.

Child Storybook Witch CostumeChild Storybook Witch CostumeCandyland Witch Child CostumeCandyland Witch Child Costume

Salem Witch Child CostumeSalem Witch Child CostumeFunky Witch Child CostumeFunky Witch Child CostumeBratz Witch Child CostumeBratz Witch Child Costume

My Seriously Bad Health Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

My seriously bad health effects of Smoking cigarettes sad but true and of course due to my own nicotine addiction.


health effects of smoking cigarettes
My seriously bad health effects of smoking cigarettes

How many warnings do we read about the health effects of smoking  cigarettes.  And how quickly do we flip to a new screen on the computer.  Flip the page in a book or magazine when the quit smoking ads are right there before our eyes and those horrible quit smoking ad commercials.

In a previous blog post I wrote on Quit Smoking Encouragement

I clearly stated in that post  of July 6th 2016 ” My reasons for quitting smoking,  Honestly it was the cost, And I am not going to tell lies and say my health because after 46 years.  Yes I smoked for 46 years and heavy 35-50 cigarettes per day.”  

I had quit on the 4th January 2016,that post was written on my late mothers birthday I had not given up for my health. I should eat those words though quitting has probably saved my life.

In the December of that year I went for a Ultra sound of my lower back due to decreasing mobility which I had been living with for 10 years. This has worsened over the last 5 years and I now know why! 

A very much on the ball Radiologist picked up a blockage in the Aorta in the area of my belly button.

Off I went for another Ultrasound looking for more of the blockage to the Femoral Arteries of my legs. I did indeed have Peripheral Arterial Disease of the legs (PAD) starting from the Aorta near my navel.

What Is Peripheral Arterial Disease Legs

I have to have Femoral Artery Bypass Surgery both legs caused by Smoking of course. I had smoked for 46 years,heavily up to 50 cigarettes per day.

Further testing of my heart and lungs show I have at least one blockage to an artery in my heart and I am having a Angiogram with a stent if required in 3 days. 

Update I have had my Angiogram and they are absolutely nothing to worry about and better still no blockages were found in any of the arteries to my heart. What a blessing.

Cardiac Angiogram Procedure

What is a Angiogram

My lungs have been badly affected and I have COPD or Emphysemia I am now using two puffer medications daily. I am told that at least these medications will deter any further damage to my lungs.

video COPD What Is COPD Emphysemia

Was my cigarette smoking habit worth all this absolutely Not,but you know the fear of quitting smoking. The addiction to nicotine used to override my worrying about my health.

Fight Cigarette Craving

Have I felt the need of a cigarette through all these health tests Oh Yes certainly I have. So I buy Nicorette Gum again my fave Nicotine Gum better than a cigarette I figure.

Never buy the original flavor it is revolting

Nicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 2 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 160 countNicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 2 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 160 count

I mentioned previously here that I had not walked well for 10 years and this agonizing pain when walking had become worse in the last 5 years. This I have now found is because of the (PAD) in my legs.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Only The Best Custom Leather Dog Collars Leashes

Custom Leather Dog Collars Leashes  and when only the best will do, we don’t always know just where to search. so many to pick from, where do you start.

custom Leather dog collars leashes

When I’m shopping for Rudi my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel online it does take me quite a time. The choice is yours whether looking for cheap leather dog Collars or Luxury Leather Dog Collars. I can recommend Amazon for a variety of prices or Etsy for more specialized hand made .

Brown Leather Dog CollarsBrown Leather Dog CollarsLeather dog collars leashesLeather dog collars leashes

Genuine leather dog collars.Genuine leather dog collars.Leather dog training leashesLeather dog training leashes

Perri's Padded Leather Dog CollarPerri’s Padded Leather Dog CollarPerri's Padded Leather Dog LeashPerri’s Padded Leather Dog Leash

Studded Leather Dog CollarStudded Leather Dog CollarSpiked Leather Dog CollarSpiked Leather Dog CollarDog Collar Leash HarnessDog Collar Leash Harness


In a hurry Leather Dog Collar and Leash Amazon Com Click Here

Do you get overawed with modern technology because I do and my goodness now you can feed your dog and cat with your iphone

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi, 18 L x 16 W x 3 H-Inch, for Dogs and CatsFeed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi, 


 Click here For Personalised Dog Collars Leashes

Custom Leather Dog Collars Leashes

Below I have chosen Etsy which is a well known site for hand made products. If you like a design that is not from your country simply look to the left of your screen and click to change to your own country.


Steam Punk Collar

 A shop on Etsy in Australia this Steam Punk Collar and Collar and Leash set is personally handmade.  Designed showing a Moth Shape with a Swarovski Crystal centered in the middle, Designer Metalsmith Marina  gives a detailed description onsite.

Steampunk Dog Collar LeashSteampunk Dog Collar LeashSteam Punk CollarSteam Punk Collar


Bridle Leather Dog Collars

 Bridle Leather Dog Collars and Bridle Leather Leashes come from a Etsy Store owner and Designer Kristy In Canada.
The dog collar comes with Brass plate to add your dogs name or details

Bridle Leather Dog LeashBridle Leather Dog LeashBridle Leather Dog CollarsBridle Leather Dog Collars


Red Leather Dog Collar Lead Set

 Red Leather Dog Collar and Lead Set and another dog collar and lead set shown in Brown from Bespoke Leather in the UK who will also inscribe your dogs name FREE

Red Leather Collar Leash SetRed Leather Collar Leash SetBrown Leather Dog Collars LeadsBrown Leather Dog Collars Leads


Large Dog Leather Collar

Italian Leather Dog CollarItalian Leather Dog CollarLarge Dog Leather CollarLarge Dog Leather CollarWide Leather Dog CollarsWide Leather Dog Collars


Buddha Dog CollarBuddha Dog CollarLarge Leather Dog CollarLarge Leather Dog CollarBridle Leather CollarBridle Leather Collar


Custom Leather Dog Leashes

Long Leather Dog LeashLong Leather Dog LeashBraided Leather Dog LeadsBraided Leather Dog LeadsCustom Leather Dog LeadCustom Leather Dog Lead


custom leather dog collars leashes

Best Quality Personalised Leather Dog Collars

Personalised Leather Dog Collars are what I’m looking for, for my dog Rudi  I’m also looking at Hand Made Leather Dog Collars

I want a personalized Leather Dog Collar because I can have the peace of mind when our contact details are printed on it. And if my Rudi my most loved boy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should become lost  I have a better chance of finding my lost dog.

Rudi is microchipped  and on the dog microchip register as well as having his council Registration


personalised leather dog collars


I was thinking that though fine leather dog collars are not cheap they are heavy duty, they will last a long time. When well made they wont crack and split like the imitation collars do so often, as you would know.

I also add dog pet tags because then he jingles I can hear Rudi when he is in the garden at night. I fear he may get out as it happened in the early days when my fence partly blew down on a stormy night. So I will buy something jingly to add to his new collar.

Personalised Leather Dog Collars

I do a lot of research when I am looking for products to display on my Blog Posts. I always check the stores are credible and safe to shop such as Amazon and Etsy and I always read each products reviews first.

Amazon com is my go to store when I am looking for good comparable prices and  a large range of different types of dog collars.

Custom Leather Dog Collars

In a hurry quick link to Amazon Leather Dog Collars

Soft Leather Dog CollarsSoft Leather Dog CollarsLeather Engraved Dog CollarLeather Engraved Dog Collar

Leather Padded Dog CollarLeather Padded Dog CollarHandmade Leather PersonalizedHandmade Leather Personalized

Magnus Leather Dog Collar 1Magnus Leather Dog Collar 1Slide-On Pet Tags. PersonalizeSlide-On Pet Tags. Personalize

Studded Large Dog CollarStudded Large Dog CollarStudded Leather Dog CollarStudded Leather Dog Collar

As you can see I added the studded Leather Dog Collars by mistake seeings as I am supposed to be adding Personalised Leather Dog Collars. So I was going to delete and decided I liked the look.


Looking for custom leather dog collars Leashes Read Here

 I was blown away with the first display shown below here a large dog leather collar.

Exactly what we are looking for in a personalized Leather dog collar all handmade including the ID Tag. You can tell by the shop owners description that he is a dog lover and 265 personal reviews will verify that. He also sells leather Cat Collars and apart from Leather Dog Collars Leashes as well.

Large Dog Leather CollarLarge Dog Leather Collar



Leather Dog Collars LeashesLeather Dog Collars LeashesSmall Dog Leather CollarsSmall Dog Leather Collars



Leather Dog Collars Made USA

When I affiliate for Etsy (at no extra cost to you) shops are world wide products are hand made. Some of my customers have asked if I can separate products into countries so I am trying that today.

These next Personalised Leather Dog Collars are just beautiful and the  first pictured are available in 30 different colours and 6 different font styles. Your dogs name and contact details are engraved directly onto the buckle.The two leather dog collars following one is tooled leather and the other is Latigo Leather.

Personalised Leather Dog Collars Leather Dog Collars


Latigo Leather CollarLatigo Leather CollarHand Tooled Dog CollarHand Tooled Dog Collar


Handmade Leather Dog Collars UK


While I choose a few products for each section you will find lots more available.

The first photograph below shows a Bespoke Leather Dog Collar sourced in the UK this leather is hand cut. It is full-grain vegetable tanned leather which is hand tooled, the owner makes other awesome leather products.

In honesty The Bespoke Leather Dog Collars was the only store I could find in the United Kingdom that had handmade personalised leather dog collars. So I chose the two other collars you see.


Bespoke Leather Dog CollarBespoke Leather Dog Collar


Pink Leather Dog CollarsPink Leather Dog CollarsSwarovski Crystal Dog CollarsSwarovski Crystal Dog Collars


Personalised Leather Dog Collars Australia

I have to say I fell in love with and was not even looking for Bow Tie Collars for dogs. Featured below from Etsy this is an absolutely gorgeous leather dog collar and comes monogrammed with your dogs initial.  

Bow tie Collars for DogsBow tie Collars for Dogs


Personalised Customised Dog CollarPersonalised Customised Dog CollarHand Made In AustraliaHand Made In Australia



Amazon Leather Dog CollarAmazon Leather Dog Collar


personalised leather dog collars

Every Dog Valentines Day Wish List

Every Dog Valentines Day wish list  I know the first thing my dog Rudi would say if I asked him what he wants at anytime. Let alone on Valentines Day, FOOD and foods dogs love, well everything but not everything is allowed and especially Not Chocolate.

You’re visiting after Valentines Day thats ok any of the lovely dogs gifts here your darling fur baby will love, and you for any day of the Year

Every Dog Valentines Day Wish List


Remember No Chocolate Dogs because it contains Theobromine similar to caffeine that hypes them up, can increase their heart rate and cause heart attacks,seizures. Your dog could die

 Dog Valentines Day Wish List

I started my dog Valentines Gifts with All Natural Organic Dog Treats of course, then added some Dog Treat Bags Boxes and Jars. Also below you will find some lovely Valentine Dog Collars and Bows and some great Valentine Dog Bandanas. Last of all I added some different ideas for your Dog Bowls.

Dog Treats Organic grain free dog treats

For everyday dog treats I purchase from the Market but always for special occasions like a Dog Valentines Day I love picking out organic grain free dog treats.

Natural dog treats that are kinda home made and wow there are lots to be found, not quite sure who gets the biggest thrill Rudi or me.

You can safely feed your darling fur baby dog treats with Carob as this is safe for our dogs and Carob contains no Theobromine, Caffeine or Oxallic acid.

all natural organic dog treats
All Natural Organic Dog Treats


Natural Dog Treats USANatural Dog Treats USADog Natural Treats AUSDog Natural Treats AUSNatural Dog Treats UKNatural Dog Treats UK


Heart Shaped Dog TreatHeart Shaped Dog TreatPumpkin Dog Treat AUSPumpkin Dog Treat AUSDog Treats Natural AUSDog Treats Natural AUS


Dog Treat Bags Boxes Jars

Rudi knows well his treat box as most dogs do he has a special box all for himself,of course it is always full. Rudi thinks his tummy is always empty.

Doggie Treat JarDoggie Treat JarHandmade dog treat jarHandmade dog treat jarDoggie treats and leashDoggie treats and leash


Dog Treat Jar USADog Treat Jar USADoggie Treat Box UKDoggie Treat Box UKDog Treat Bags UKDog Treat Bags UK


Valentines Day Dog Collars

Always having a fear of losing my Rudi he always has on his collar with his name tag with our phone number and address. We also always have his registration disk and he is also microchipped it pays to be safe just incase!.

Dog collars abound and some great ones can be found for our girl and boys Valentines Day Dog Collars.

Valentine Dog Collars USValentine Dog Collar USValentines Dog Collar AUValentines Dog Collar AUValentines Dog Collar UKValentines Dog Collar UK


Valentine Dog Bandanna
I have never bought a Dog Bandanna for Rudi I think that might change after all the lovely ones I have seen today. Some dog owners call them Neckerchiefs.

Valentine Dog BandannaValentine Dog BandanaValentine Dog BandannaValentine Dog BandanaValentine Dog BandannaValentine Dog Bandana


Valentine Dog BowValentine Dog BowValentine Bow CollarValentine Bow CollarValentine Bow TieValentine Bow Tie


Fancy Dog BowsFancy Dog BowsPerfect Dog BowsPerfect Dog BowsHoliday Dog BowsHoliday Dog Bows


Fancy dog bowls Ceramic Elevated

Any times a good time for a new dog bowl from ceramic dog bowls personalised to Elevated Dog Bowls and every thing in between. I was over awed with the personalised ceramic dog bowl shown below where the Etsy shop owner will design your dogs bowl from a photo. She has many different dog breeds already available.

Ceramic Dog BowlsCeramic Dog BowlsElevated Dog BowlsElevated Dog BowlsLarge Dog Dog BowlLarge Dog Dog Bowl


How about a treat for yourself Bracelets For Dog Lovers

Small Dog Costumes Christmas Ideas

Dog Wedding Accessories Tuxedos

Dog Wedding Dress Costume

Dog Ring Bearer Wedding Accessories

In a hurry.. tight budget shop Amazon here Valentine Dog Gifts

Buy safely and securely

Etsy protects every transaction, so shop with confidence


Our marketplace is a world of vintage and handmade goods

I am thrilled to have been accepted by Etsy as an affiliate for their worldwide site and in doing that I may make a small amount from sales. This does not increase your price.

I try where possible to pick the best from different countries

More than a million independent sellers from everywhere are right here


Dog Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow and Keepsake

Dog Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow and Keepsake.

Dog wedding accessories are you looking for ring bearer pillows for your dog to hold your wedding rings.

  I know you will both have a fun wedding, how do I know,because you are true dog owners and dog lovers. Your Dog is going to be a big part of your Wedding,

Dog Ring Bearer PillowDog Ring Bearer Pillow


Are you thinking along with your Dog wedding accessories that your most loved furry friend will also be the ring bearer. Are you looking for ideas for a Dog Ring Bearer Pillow. 

I’m also adding some personalised wedding signs featuring dogs they are just excellent and also a fantastic idea for a Happy Valentines Days Sign.

Click here for Your Darling Dog Wedding  Accessories-Tuxedos

Click here for Dog Wedding Dress Costume Cute Girly Fur Babies

Dog Ring Bearer Pillows

Gold Ring PillowGold Ring PillowIvory and Gold a most beautiful colour combination for your Dog Ring Bearer Pillow and if this colour scheme is yours.  Your wedding will be just awesome and This Etsy store owner also supplies the leather collar.



Purple Ring PillowPurple Ring Pillow

 Purple Ring Bearer Pillow recently I attended a stunning wedding with a purple and white theme,is this your theme. You might like this Purple Ring Bearer Pillow for your dog 
 Etsy store owner also supplies the leather collar


Dog Wedding Bow TieDog Wedding Bow Tie

Red Dog Bow Tie with White Ribbon
Doubles as a Dog Wedding Ring Holder,Your boy will look totally cute.
This Etsy store owner also supplies the leather collar.
Lovely idea also for any day or  Valentines Day perhaps with a  marriage proposal.


Personalised Wedding Signs

Personalised Wedding SignPersonalised Wedding Sign

Personalised Wedding Sign carried here by a beloved dog
This Etsy handmade seller has a huge selection of signs.
She will create made to order for your special occasion
These are not mass produced but made singularly
I noticed one of her 1000+ reviews had ordered a sign
to announce her pregnancy, just awesome


Dog Collar Ring PillowDog Collar Ring Pillow

A lovely Dog Ring Pillow Shown here in Ivory with a pearl and rhinestone attachment
Looking good for a Vintage or retro  themed wedding.
This Etsy store owner also supplies the leather collar


Dog Ring Bearer PillowDog Ring Bearer Pillow

What a lovely alternative idea for your dog wedding accessories the dog ring bearer pillow.
This Etsy hand made artist paints a picture of your dog for your wedding rings
Just love this and it is rather unique.
Any animal photo can be hand painted onto your pillow for you


Dog Bone Ring BearerDog Bone Ring Bearer

What a sweet idea for your  wedding a dog bone shaped wedding ring pillow,Material is Satin. And comes with ribbon attached for your rings.
Bone shaped Dog Ring Pillow comes in two sizes
Small and large
See below or sellers page for smaller dog sizing


Small Dog Ring PillowSmall Dog Ring Pillow

Bone shaped Dog Ring Pillow comes in two sizes. What a perfect idea for your Wedding rings and the material is Satin and comes with ribbon attached for your rings
Small and large
See above or sellers page for Larger dog sizing


Buy safely and securely

Etsy protects every transaction, so shop with confidence


Our marketplace is a world of vintage and handmade goods

I am thrilled to have been accepted by Etsy as an affiliate for their worldwide site and in doing that I may make a small amount from sales. This does not increase your price.

More than a million independent sellers from everywhere are right here


Dog Wedding Dress Costume Cute Girly Fur Babies

Dog Wedding Dress Costume

Dogs attending Weddings today are just so popular and so is the Dog Wedding Dress Costume Industry. Even I, was not greatly aware of just how popular ,until wanting to write this post.

dog wedding dress costume
Dog wedding dress costume

I became lost in the shops selling Wedding clothes for dogs wandering back and forth totally amazed at what is out there. The hand made dog clothes are as meticulously sewn for dogs as are human wedding gowns and Tuxedos with hand sewn gems and bead work.

Not only Dogs Wedding Dresses but also Dog bridesmaid dresses and Dog Wedding Tuxedos which I wrote a post on yesterday.

Click here for Your Darling Dog Wedding  Accessories-Tuxedos

Click here for..Dog Ring Bearer Dog Wedding Accessories

Small Dog Wedding DressSmall Dog Wedding Dress

A Small Dog Wedding dress
This truly gorgeous wedding dress will be custom made to fit
your darling fur baby for your wedding.
When you read the shop owners description I am sure you will be
over awed as I was seeing that this dress is studded with real fresh water pearls and real Swarovski crystals and
sewn on by hand.
A Large Dog Wedding Dress is also offered here.


Small Dog harness Dress BlueSmall Dog harness Dress Blue

Stunning Blue Satin with Swarovski Crystals, Rhinestones and Sea Shell beads this dress will stand out with you both on your Wedding Day.
Contact the shop owner for your custom made dress to fit your dogs size.


Small Dog Wedding DressSmall Dog Wedding Dress

Beautiful Small Dog Wedding Dress
White satin with rows of heart ruffles on the dress
A satin bow and Crystal brooch at waist and also the D ring to attach your lead too
Contact the shop owner for your custom made dress in small to medium dog sizes


Small Dog Harness Dress

Small Dog Harness DressSmall Dog Harness Dress

This is one awesome dress
I had to check twice that it was for a very lucky fur baby
Sheer luxury in pink Taffeta and embellished with sequins
pearls and crystals
Finished with satin bow and D ring to attach your lead


Dog Harness Dress black whiteDog Harness Dress black white

The shop owner describes this dress as Classy
It certainly is that quite the stunner in black and white
Hand beaded and fully lined and with a D ring
Easily attach your lead


Girl Dog Harness DressGirl Dog Harness Dress

Girl Dog Harness Dress with a Vintage look for those of you not into frilly
A very pretty little floral with a fully lined bodice and with a D ring optional
Velcro openings for easy access


Romantic Beach Wedding

Dog Bridal DressDog Bridal Dress

Dog Bridal Dress
Are you having a Beach Wedding
Seriously beyond words on viewing this dress
Oh my what a stunning creation
I’m in love, Pink Linen with 4 layers of imported lace lined with Tulle
Embellished with a beautiful mix of real seashells, starfish, pearls,
crystals, feathers and rhinestone


In a hurry..Dog Wedding Dresses Cheap

Dog Wedding Collars

To complete your Dog Wedding Dress Costume I have added some really lovely collars or perhaps you only need a pretty collar for the big day.

Dog Wedding Collar ribbon flowersDog Wedding Collar ribbonIvory Burlap dog collar weddingIvory Burlap dog collar Floral Dog Wedding CollarFloral Dog Wedding Collar


Wedding Collars DogsWedding Collars DogsFlower Dog CollarFlower Dog CollarWedding Dog CollarWedding Dog Collar


Dog Beach WeddingDog Beach WeddingDog Wedding CollarDog Wedding CollarFloral Circle CollarFloral Circle Collar


Buy safely and securely

Etsy protects every transaction, so shop with confidence


Our marketplace is a world of vintage and handmade goods

I am thrilled to have been accepted by Etsy as an affiliate for their worldwide site and in doing that I may make a small amount from sales. This does not increase your price.

More than a million independent sellers from everywhere are right here


Your Darling Dog Wedding Accessories -Tuxedos

Dog Wedding Accessories -Tuxedos for our boys When you love your dog so much well as much dare we say as your new hubby or wife to be. It goes without saying that your fur baby is going to play a part, a big part on your big day. Your Wedding and we need Dog Wedding Outfits 

Click here for Dog Wedding Dress Costume Cute Girly Fur Babies

Dog wedding accessories-Tuxedos

I hope I can offer you some ideas for your Wedding dog clothes and have chosen to use reliable Etsy if you like hand made products for your Dog Wedding Tux choices.

The costume company is Costumes 4 Less who offer great costumes at cheaper prices

Striped Dog Tuxedo CostumeStriped Dog Tuxedo Costume

In this photo image for Tuxedo Costumes for Dogs you see a cute pastel blue Dog Tux. Costume includes the Jacket and Shirt with Bow Tie and also includes the Hat

Tuxedo Costumes For DogsTuxedo Costumes For Dogs

There are hundreds of costumes to choose from and if you are having a special themed Wedding perhaps Pirate themed Weddings.  You will find Dog Pirate Costumes as well as adult Pirate Costumes

Pirate Themed WeddingsPirate Themed Weddings


Description: FREE SHIPPING on your order with Min $50 purchase.

Dog Tuxedo CostumeDog Tuxedo Costume

Bright sunny colour for a glorious Wedding Day Ceremony
Lloyd shows off his Tuxedo costume for dogs.
Jacket with a attached shirt,bow tie and hat
Great dog outfit at a great price at Costumes4Less.

Wedding Tuxedo Dogs

Navy Blue Dog TuxedoNavy Blue Dog Tuxedo

Navy Blue Dog Tuxedo
Features Navy Blue Jacket with White Shirt
The shop owner is designing these in medium to small dog sizes .Personalised just for you, Bow tie can be purchased separately. Gorgeous smart design

Dog Wedding Accessories -Tuxedos


Black Dog Tuxedo HarnessBlack Dog Tuxedo Harness

Wedding Dog Tuxedo Harness in black
with Rustic boutonniere
Can be purchased in other colours
Matching ring pillow can be purchased separately.
As can a leash and Top Hat
Very distinguished indeed.


Formal Dog TuxedoFormal Dog Tuxedo

Dog Tuxedos Weddings
Formal Dog Tuxedo complete with tails
The photo does not do this justice
Custom made and designed to your dogs measurements.
Many happy purchasers
A truly gorgeous formal design


Why do we love Our Dogs so much


I have read that it is the Hormone Oxytocin that is set off in our brain and that of our dogs too when you have this over all feeling of love when you are looking at each other Aah it’s always the eyes tat get you in.

Meet my Rudi he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,my fur baby,I love all my family of course. But you know I love Rudi just as much and I believe that many dog and indeed cat owners feel the same.

I understand that some people will read this blog post and think I’m nuts but not you who wants to include your dog in your Wedding you know exactly how I feel.


Rudi my darling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Rudi my darling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Large Dog Tuxedo
Large Dog TuxedoLarge Dog Tuxedo


Meet Buddy isn’t he just handsome
dressed and ready for a Wedding or photo shoot
This dog Tuxedo can be hand made in your choice of colour


Big Dog TuxedosBig Dog Tuxedos

Big Dog Tuxedo
Meet Jasper and his human mummy and daddy on their wedding day
His brother Charlie is in another photo in his Tuxedo on this Etsy shop owners site


Large Dog TuxedoLarge Dog Tuxedo

Large Dog Tuxedo
Our loveable doggie here has a Black Tuxedo
How happy does he look with his human dad on the big day
Custom Sizing and other colours available
Ties and Bow ties also available


Gray Dog TuxedoGray Dog Tuxedo

Gray Large Dog Tuxedo
How handsome does this boy look you just want to hug him
Custom Sizing – Ties and Bow ties also available
Great for Weddings or Photo shoots


In a hurry..Dog Wedding Dresses Cheap

Dog Bow Ties Weddings

A selection of dog bow ties collars and bandannas with tuxedo design

Dog Bow ties collarsDog Bow ties collarsFormal Dog bow tiesFormal Dog bow tiesDesigner Tux Pet BandanaDesigner Tux Pet Bandana


Plaid Dog Bow TiePlaid Dog Bow TieWedding Dog BandanaWedding Dog BandanaWedding Dog AttireWedding Dog Attire


Tuxedo Bandanna DogsTuxedo Bandanna DogsDog Bow Tie CuffsDog Bow Tie CuffsFormal black Dog BowtieFormal black Dog Bowtie


Buy safely and securely

Etsy protects every transaction, so shop with confidence


Our marketplace is a world of vintage and handmade goods

I am thrilled to have been accepted by Etsy as an affiliate for their worldwide site and in doing that I may make a small amount from sales. This does not increase your price.

More than a million independent sellers from everywhere are right here


Small Dog Costumes Christmas Ideas

Small Dog Costumes Christmas Ideas

 Your Cat Christmas Costume too because as you know small dogs and cats are often comparable in size. No reason the felines should miss out

small dog costumes christmas ideas


Your pets can join you in the happy holiday season of Christmas and if you are single,purchase matching Christmas costumes.

Couples and families easily match babies and toddlers Christmas Costumes with dogs Christmas costumes, a very adorable cuteness overload.

Dog Babies Christmas OnesiesDog Babies Christmas Onesies

Small Dog Costumes Christmas Ideas
A perfect example of matching babies and toddlers
Christmas Costumes with your dog.
Gorgeous matching red coloured dog and baby onesie.
Even the buttons are safe as they are printed
Christmas pajamas for dogs and babies
Can be personalised



Small Dog Christmas Sweater 

Cute knitted small dog Christmas sweaters lovely and warm for our fur babies in the colder climates.

Dog Sweater red whiteDog Sweater red whitered white Dog Jumperred white Dog JumperSweater dog red whiteSweater dog red white


Pet Sweater Dog CatsPet Sweater Dog CatsChristmas ReindeerChristmas ReindeerPuppy Knitted ClothesPuppy Knitted Clothes


Small Dog Christmas Dresses

So many small dog Christmas dresses to choose from out there makes it hard to pick a few. If you really want hand made do take a good look around Etsy who ships worldwide for it’s shop owners.

Red Polka DotRed Polka DotGirl Dogs Female CatsGirl Dogs Female CatsPrettiest ChristmasPrettiest Christmas


Cat Dog Crystal & LaceCat Dog Crystal & LaceChristmas Dog DressChristmas Dog DressDogs coat dressDogs coat dress


Small Dog Christmas Outfits

small dog Christmas outfits
Bentley Says all my friends are wearing small dog Christmas outfits this year to look as cute as me.Bentley and Michelle wish you all a Merry Christmas

I have included dog costumes here that have accessories with the costume many have the hats including a Christmas Elf Dog Costume. A gorgeous 3 piece costume with coat,hat and ear muffs is definitely a unique unusual gift idea for any dog, or for it’s owner as a gift.

Christmas 3 pieceChristmas 3 pieceChristmas TutuChristmas TutuChristmas Elf dogChristmas Elf dog


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Learn To Easily Brew Perfect Pot Tea

Easily Brew Perfect Pot Tea, Tea in a Teapot that is, to your own taste without worrying about all the tea making hype. Did you know Tea is equal to drinking water because it also helps keeps you hydrated. However Tea also contains antioxidants which may help prevent some Cancers and Heart Disease  by drinking 3-4 cups per day.

easily brew perfect pot tea
Learn how to easily brew the perfect pot of tea


Oolong Tea OrganicOolong Tea OrganicOrganic Green TeasOrganic Green TeasWhite Tea LeavesWhite Tea LeavesEarl Grey White TeaEarl Grey White Tea

How to easily brew Perfect Pot Tea

You have no need for a lot of Hot Tea Accessories,

  • A Kettle
  • A Teapot
  • Good quality loose leaf tea
  • A Teaspoon measure
  • A Tea Strainer *optional
  • Tea cups

Green Tea Loose LeafGreen Tea Loose LeafRoyal Breakfast Black TeaRoyal Breakfast Black TeaOolong Tea - Anxi SpringOolong Tea – Anxi Spring


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Steps for Tea making

Using fresh water, pure water or rainwater if you have it, fill your kettle with only as much water as you need. Extra water means extra heating time and costs you more electricity,  unless of course you have Gas as Electric Kettles pull a lot of power.

  • When boiled pour a small amount of the water into your Teapot,remember always heat your pot first,swirl around tip out.
  • Add the required amount of Tea to your Teapot, this will vary according to your taste.
  • I was always taught by my 87 year old Tea lover Dad,one spoon for each person and one for the pot. This can be adjusted.
  • Fill nearly to the top of the Teapot with the rest of your boiling water and leave the lid off, so as not to stew (over cook) the Tea
  • Steep (soak) the Tea leaves to release the flavor and nutrients of the Tea Leaves
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes.

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Tea One Tea Pot Cup Set

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Perfect Tea Maker Teavana


Black Teavana Perfectea Maker: 16oz Perfect Tea Maker Teavana


Cup of Tea Time

  • While your Tea is brewing set out your Teacups
  • Milk if desired
  • Lemon slices if using
  • Sugar or Sweetener
  • Teaspoons one for each person
  • For the Tea drinkers who require milk always place the milk in the teacup first,this will stop the milk from curdling.

Looking for Red White Tea Sets perhaps with a Poppy Print these hot tea accessories are the go,so pretty and a nice gift for Tea Drinkers

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Easily Brew Perfect Pot Tea-Video

easily brew perfect pot tea