Etsy Shoppers Help

Etsy Shoppers Help

etsy shoppers help

Shopping online is easy when you know how: for many though it can become an anxiety ridden experience.

Take for example when recently a friend of mine wanted to join Paypal.

Unfortunately a problem arose and I just couldn’t help her with it even with a reasonably detailed guide from the net. She still could not get it and gave up. Maybe a tech savvy friend will come along and help her.

This led me to thinking about people who read blog posts when looking up information or shopping. Interesting read just click on the link and be taken to the shopping site to look at the product.

Hmm not necessarily and this led me to think about shoppers who land in Etsy. Perhaps following a product link or picture and arrive to find it is not in their country.

Here I have a quick Etsy Shoppers Help guide that should be easy for you. I hope. Good Luck

In a hurry pop straight to Etsy

Found a Etsy product you like: on our website but it’s not in your country? Let me help you here. Click on the product link and be taken to the Etsy Website.Etsy shoppers help Look to the search bar top left of your Etsy page and type in “Shop My Country”

etsy shoppers help

 Look direct left and you will see a section there that shows  Special Offers,  All Categories -Shipping and Shop Location.

Select your Category  eg ” Home and Living”

You can also use the search box again to type in the name of the product you were looking for.

 Enter your country  a drop down box may appear to help your selection 

etsy shoppers help