Fun Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween

family dress up ideas Halloween

  Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween

 Fun Family Dress Up Ideas Halloween don’t you love the fun to be had just getting ready for Halloween and looking for new ideas.

Let me help you. I Browse the large variety of costumes for you and the kids that are available. Just click on any halloween costume image. At no extra cost to you I make a small amount to keep my website active.

 Family Dress Up Ideas 

LED Light Up

GlowCity Halloween CostumeGlowCity Halloween CostumeGlowCity Light Up Stick FigureGlowCity Light Up Stick FigureScary Led Light UpScary Led Light Up

Large selection of Witch Halloween Costumes. Vampire Halloween Costumes. From Baby Halloween Costumes, Womens Halloween Costumes,Mens Halloween Costumes,

Baby Vampire Costume UKBaby Vampire Costume 




Girls Victorian VampireGirls Victorian Vampire

 Girls Vampire Costume

For Halloween and dressing up. For Vampire costumes for little girls this dress is a real cutie. Great for themed Birthday parties, school dress-ups.




Toddler Girl Witch CostumesToddler Girl Witch CostumesBaby Witch Tutu CostumeBaby Witch Tutu Costume


Glinda Good Witch CostumeGlinda Good Witch CostumeGirls Wicked Witch CostumeGirls Wicked Witch Costume


Wizard Fancy Dress Boys CloakWizard Fancy Dress Boys CloakToddler Boy Wizard Costume UKToddler Boy Wizard Costume UK



 Witches and Halloween

Have you read the story about how when and why Witches came to be on Halloween. It is too long a story to tell here but I found you a lovely video made for children. There are some great reads online about Witches and Halloween if you Google.


Vampire girlsVampire girlsGothic VampiressGothic VampiressGirls Vampire SmallGirls Vampire Small


Boys Kids DraculaBoys Kids DraculaVampire Costume BabyVampire Costume BabyBoys' Baby VampireBoys’ Baby Vampire


Women's Plus GothWomen’s Plus GothWomen VampWomen VampAdult Sorceress,Adult Sorceress,


Killer ClownKiller ClownAdult Pig CostumeAdult Pig CostumeMen's Cool VampireMen’s Cool Vampire


The Halloween Book of Facts and FunThe Halloween Book of Facts and Fun


xGirls WitchGirls WitchFairytale WitchFairytale WitchStory Book WitchStory Book Witch


Starry Wizard CapeStarry Wizard CapeWizard Cape HatWizard Cape HatMen's Mr. WizardMen’s Mr. Wizard


Wizard of OzWizard of OzWitch CostumeWitch CostumeBewitched RomperBewitched Romper


 Custom Made Face masks Etsy

Custom made face MaskHand made face MaskCustom made face MaskCustom  face MaskCustom made face MaskCustom made face Mask


Custom Made Face Mask Face MaskCustom Made Face MaskHand Made Face MaskCustom Made Face MaskCustom Face Mask


Silicone Face Mask Amazon

Rubie's Costume Screaming CorpseScreaming CorpseRubie's Costume Co Mummy Mask CostumeMummy Mask Costume


Halloween Dress Ups Wigs Etsy

Hand made by Artisans these hair pieces will complete your look

Goth Hair ExtensionsGoth Hair ExtensionsHalloween LED Light WigHalloween LED Light WigBlack Halloween WigBlack Halloween Wig


Quit Smoking Encouragement Without Nagging

Quit Smoking Encouragement.

Hi my name is Michelle I am a real person and this is my personal quit smoking story.

This is not another read nagging you to quit smoking. For family members or well meaning friends Nagging is…constantly pestering even harassing someone to do what you want.

How to encourage someone to quit smoking will not work when you are constantly on someones back! Highly likely they will smoke all the more.

quit smoking encouragement

 I can offer you Quit Smoking Encouragement

 I was a heavy smoker for 46 years. I smoked upto 50 cigarettes per day.

 You can read a lot of ex smokers success stories, you never think that one day you will be able to say I quit smoking. Seriously you too can become an ex cigarette smoker too.

Fear Of Quitting Smoking

Fear of quitting smoking Is what I now firmly believe is what stops us from giving up our cigarettes and keeps us puffing away. Twice in my life when I needed to be hospitalized I was more worried about how I was going to be able to smoke in the hospital. Than the operation itself. That’s crazy!

 There are hundreds of toxic reasons to give up smoking cigarettes including our health I agree. But that fear of quitting smoking is real.

quit smoking encouragement
Terrible addiction but you can give up smoking

My reasons for quitting smoking

Dare I say Honestly it was the cost and I am not going to tell lies and say my health even after 46 years.  Yes I smoked for 46 years and heavy 35-50 cigarettes per day. I think it was my time.

 My tips on how to give up smoking that worked for me
  • Do not pre-plan any day or time.
  • I told myself that I would see how long I could go without a Cigarette.
  • Now before you hurriedly click out of my site because I haven’t offered a miracle, think about it.
  • Do NOT say you will quit smoking = No pressure.
  • Do NOT tell anyone that you are trying to quit.

 Maybe I was ready mentally and perhaps that is another helpful tip, though I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

Thirty minutes at a time that’s how I started Like the One Day At A Time used by those in Alcoholics Anonymous.

The hours passed and I remember reaching 11pm bedtime. You know the strangest thing when I think back is I did not crave a cigarette.

And so the days moved along,the weeks,months and my first year.

It is now 2 years and 4 months since I quit smoking

 Honestly This worked for me. Do not set a date: but when you feel ready to try just say to yourself, that you will see how long you can go without a cigarette. Sound too simple yes it does but it truly did work for me I quit smoking.

I Quit Nicotine Cold Turkey I still can’t believe it.

I can say I am an ex-smoker.

So can you Give it a try you have nothing to lose.

no-smoking-we quit
Not so easy but you can quit

Is There A Secret To Quitting Smoking

There is NO secret to quitting smoking Please don’t waste your hard earned money on advertisers who try to give you the big sell. I do think that there are some good Stop Smoking Books and DVDs.

There is also a medical prescription for stop smoking medication through your doctor. Tablets which I also tried.

Unfortunately I do already suffer depression and anxiety. I became severely depressed while taking this medication. I had to cease the medication.

And Yes I had stopped smoking. But of course I came off the medication and went straight for a cigarette.

Quit Smoking Encouragement
Quit Smoking because you can


Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Best Gifts For Tea Drinkers


Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers.Tea along with water is the most consumed beverage throughout the World. Dad has drunk tea for the best part of his 88 years. He likes nothing better than to make a perfect Pot of tea from loose leaf Tea Leaves and always in a Teapot.

I guess because dad was born in England and Oh how the English love their cuppa tea. You know Of course, “you must know how to brew that tea the right way” So says my Dad.


I generally avoid buying dad hot tea accessories but I’m going out on a limb this year. Previously I felt that the Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers were limited. I don’t know why I thought that, How naive I am.

Of course it is not only the English who can make great tea and Mary Lou Heiss explains this well in her book The Story Of Tea. This book will tell you how to buy your tea, and make a good brew. A must buy for serious Tea Drinkers.

How to brew a Pot of Tea

The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking GuideThe Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide

Best gifts for Tea Drinkers

So lets start with teapots and tea kettles so many choices it’s hard to know where to start first.

Maybe we can look at Glass Teapots with Infuser. One of my dads favorites: I love to see the tea wend it’s way out of the infuser into the boiling water, leaving the tea leaves behind. Have you tried the teapot warmers perfectly safe for glass teapots.

Glass Teapot infuserGlass Teapot infuserTeapot WarmerTeapot WarmerGood Glass TeapotGood Glass Teapot

Best Rated Electric Tea Kettles

Can be hard to judge the best electric tea kettles but I go by customer reviews when I affiliate for Amazon. Today there are several choices of style from stainless steel to ceramic.

Best electric kettleBest electric kettleCeramic Tea KettleCeramic Tea KettleElectric Kettle -Electric Kettle –

Cup of Tea and Cookies

What better to go with a nice cup of hot tea than cookies or a piece of cake. Do  you prefer to make your own gift basket. Here’s a tiny selection of whats available. , .

In a hurry Tea Gift Basket Ideas ready made

Make your own gift basket ideas

Last Christmas my daughter and I both had come up with one of those light bulb moments for Christmas gift giving. We both made gift baskets full of goodies that each person liked and they were a big hit. Easy to put together when you have chosen your basket.

Make your own Gift BasketMake your own Gift BasketChocolate Brownies Cookies,Chocolate Brownies Cookies,Cookies Pecan Chocolate 2lbCookies Pecan Chocolate 2lb

Tea for One teapots

The most elegant of the tea for one teapots I chose was Royal Albert “Old Country Roses”: certainly not a cheap teapot but you all deserve to be spoilt. The green teapot ideal for one person as it holds 2 cups and I picked the blue teapot for the men out there.

Royal Albert Old Country RosesRoyal Albert Old Country RosesLondon Teapot 2 cup teaLondon Teapot 2 cup teaLe Creuset Stoneware Tea Cup, MarseilleLe Creuset Stoneware Tea Cup, Marseille

Health Healing Teas

Healing Herbal TeasHealing Herbal Teas

Ahmad Tea Herbalist Teabags, 60 CountAhmad Tea Herbalist Teabags, 60 CountRose Chintz 4-Inch Tea Bag HolderRose Chintz 4-Inch Tea Bag HolderSilver Plated Teapot Tea Spoon with CrystalSilver Plated Teapot Tea Spoon with Crystal




Dads Cup
My dad just loves his cup of tea

“This post contains affiliate links”.

best gifts for tea drinkers

How To Easily Brew a Perfect Pot of Tea

How To Easily Brew a Perfect Pot of Tea

How to make Tea in a Teapot with loose tea. Learn to make a delicious cup of tea in minutes to your own taste. 

Did you know Tea is equal to drinking water because it also helps keep you hydrated. Tea also contains flavonoids and antioxidants which may help prevent some Cancers and Heart Disease. By drinking 3-4 cups per day you can help your health.

easily brew perfect pot tea
Learn how to easily brew the perfect pot of tea

Oolong Tea OrganicOolong Tea OrganicOrganic Green TeasOrganic Green TeasWhite Tea LeavesWhite Tea LeavesEarl Grey White TeaEarl Grey White Tea

How to easily brew Perfect Pot Tea

How to make Tea with Tea Leaves easily

You have no need for a lot of Hot Tea Accessories,

    • A Kettle
    • A Teapot
    • Good quality loose leaf tea
    • A Teaspoon measure
    • A Tea Strainer *optional
    • Tea cups

Click  To See Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers

7 Steps for Perfect Tea 

The process of making Tea is relatively easy

Using fresh water, pure water or rainwater if you have it,

Fill your kettle with only as much water as you need

Extra water means extra heating time and costs you more electricity,  unless of course you have Gas, as Electric Kettles pull a lot of power.

  • When boiled pour a small amount of the water into your Teapot,remember always heat your pot first,swirl around tip out.
  • Add the required amount of Tea to your Teapot, this will vary according to your taste.
  • I was always taught by my 87 year old Tea lover Dad,one spoon for each person and one for the pot. This can be adjusted.
  • Fill nearly to the top of the Teapot with the rest of your boiling water and leave the lid off, so as not to stew (over cook) the Tea
  • Steep (soak) the Tea leaves to release the flavor and nutrients of the Tea Leaves
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes.


Porcelain Tea Sets British Royal Series,Porcelain Tea Sets British Royal Series,Beauty and The BeastBeauty and The BeastBest Teakettle Tea Kettle PotBest Teakettle Tea Kettle Pot

Tea Pot Cup Set Tea for One

For people who may live on their own or want a cup of tea while the family are away, the ideal is a single serve teapot with a cup. While many will easily pop a tea bag those of us who enjoy a cup of tea with loose tea leaves can still enjoy a cuppa with a teapot with cup on the bottom.

Tea For One Owls
Tea For One Owls
Tea one teapot cup setTea one teapot cup set

Cup of Tea Time

  • While your Tea is brewing set out your Teacups
  • Milk if desired
  • Lemon slices if using
  • Sugar or Sweetener
  • Teaspoons one for each person
  • For the Tea drinkers who require milk always place the milk in the teacup first,this will stop the milk from curdling.

Perfect Tea Maker Teavana

Best Tea Maker if you like to make a perfect cup of tea with leaves.

Simply pour your boiling water and add your favourite tea leaves.

Pop the Tea maker on top of your favourite mug.

Your cup of tea will be strained and the Tea Leaves will stay in the Tea maker.

Easy to clean and reassemble.

Black Teavana Perfectea Maker: 16oz Perfect Tea Maker Teavana


Drink tea like a Royal

If you like to have a pretty and versatile china tea set take a look at this Gracie China Red Poppy Tea Set. Affordable and easily replaceable should you break any of the pieces.

A Lovely and bright design to set up when you have friends over for afternoon Tea.

Looking for Red and White China Tea Sets. Here this bright red and white themed Poppy Print are just beautiful as your hot tea accessories.   A nice gift for Tea Drinkers

Gracie China Red PoppyBuy Porcelain TeacupsGracie China Red PoppyRed White Tea setsGracie China Red PoppyPorcelain Square Plate


Birthday Gifts Owl/Set of 3Tea Infusers StrainersPitcher With Ice CoreIced Tea Pitcher With Ice CorePorcelain 4-PieceTea One Tea Pot Set


Easily Brew Perfect Pot Tea-Video

easily brew perfect pot tea

Your Darling Dog Wedding Accessories-Tuxedos

Dog Wedding Accessories-Tuxedos

Looking for Dog Wedding Accessories

 When you love your dog so much. As much dare we say as your new husband or wife to be. It goes without saying that your precious fur baby is going to play a part, a big part on your big day. Your Wedding

And you need  Dog Wedding Accessories-Tuxedos

Click here for Dog Wedding Dress Costume Cute Girly Fur Babies

Dog wedding accessories-Tuxedos

Here I can offer you some ideas for your Wedding dog clothes and have chosen to use two companies today that I especially like and trust.  The very reliable company Etsy if you like beautiful one of a kind hand made products for your choices. And Costumes 4 Less.

The first Striped Dog Tuxedo costume below is Harry from Costumes 4 less. This is a Black suit-style costume with white pinstripes, attached shirt with collar and red tie and the best matching hat with red band.

This Striped Dog Tuxedo is also a great dress up idea if you want a crime themed (mob) costume.With Costumes 4 Less you will find a huge variety of costumes for all occasions at very affordable prices.


Striped Dog Tuxedo CostumeStriped Dog Tuxedo Costume

Tuxedo Costumes for Dogs

In the photo image below you see a cute Pastel Blue Dog Tuxedo. This Costume includes the Jacket and Shirt with Bow Tie and also includes the cutest hat. The perfect match for your wedding with blue bridesmaid dresses.

Tuxedo Costumes For DogsTuxedo Costumes For Dogs

 Dogs in Pirate Themed Weddings

 There are hundreds of costumes to choose from and if you are having a special themed Wedding perhaps a Pirate Themed Wedding.  You will find Dog Pirate Costumes as well as Adult Pirate Costumes for yourself your wedding attendants and guests.

Pirate Themed WeddingsPirate Themed Weddings


Description: FREE SHIPPING on your order with Min $50 purchase.

Dog Tuxedo CostumeDog Tuxedo Costume

Bright sunny colour for a glorious Wedding Day Ceremony
Lloyd shows off his Tuxedo costume for dogs.
The Jacket comes with attached shirt, bow tie and hat
Great dog outfit at a great price at Costumes4Less.

Wedding Tuxedo Dogs Hand Made

Navy Blue Dog TuxedoNavy Blue Dog Tuxedo

Navy Blue Dog Tuxedo 2 piece
Features a Satin Navy Blue Jacket with White cotton Shirt
The shop owner is designing these in medium to small dog sizes Personalized just for you, Bow tie can be purchased separately. Gorgeous 

Dog Wedding Accessories -Tuxedos


Black Dog Tuxedo HarnessBlack Dog Tuxedo Harness

Wedding Dog Tuxedo Harness Featured Here in Black Linen with gorgeous – Rustic boutonniere. This outfit for dogs can be purchased in different colours.

A matching Top Hat and a Ring Pillow can be purchased separately

Dog Wedding Accessories -Tuxedos

Formal Dog TuxedoFormal Dog Tuxedo

Formal Dog Tuxedo complete with tails
The photo does not do this justice.
 Winston, Formal dog tuxedo complete with tails, fully lined. Attached formal tuxedo wing-tip collar dress shirt has a color-coordinated double-tie band and bow tie.

Many happy purchasers
A truly gorgeous formal design.


Why do we love Our Dogs so much

I understand that some people will read this blog post and think I’m nuts but not you, who wants to include your dog in your Wedding. You know exactly how I feel.

Hi my names Michelle and while I write my blog posts My gorgeous boy Rudi is always with me. When awake I think, he feels I am ignoring him. He can become quite insistent on wanting something to nibble or on going outside.

I started giving thought to the love and feelings between animals and their owners. And I have read that it is the Hormone Oxytocin that is set off in our brain and that of our dogs too. When you have this all over feeling of love when you are looking at each other. Aah it’s always the eyes that get you in

dog wedding accessories-tuxedos
Rudi my darling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dog Wedding Accessories- Tuxedos


 Large Dog Tuxedo
Large Dog TuxedoLarge Dog Tuxedo

Meet Buddy isn’t he just handsome
dressed and ready for a Wedding or photo shoot
This dog Tuxedo can be hand made in your choice of colour


Big Dog TuxedosBig Dog Tuxedos

Big Dog Tuxedo
Meet Jasper and his human mummy and daddy on their wedding day.
His brother Charlie is in another photo in his Tuxedo on this Etsy shop owners site


Large Dog TuxedoLarge Dog Tuxedo

Large Dog Tuxedo
Our loveable doggie here has a Black Tuxedo
How happy does he look with his human dad on the big day
Custom Sizing and other colours available
Ties and Bow ties also available


Gray Dog TuxedoGray Dog Tuxedo

Gray Large Dog Tuxedo
How handsome does this boy look you just want to hug him
Custom Sizing – Ties and Bow ties also available
Great for Weddings or Photo shoots


In a hurry..Dog Wedding Dresses Cheap

Dog Bow Ties Weddings

 A selection of dog bow ties, collars and bandanas to match with any  dog wedding Tuxedo design.

Dog Bow ties collarsDog Bow ties collarsFormal Dog bow tiesFormal Dog bow tiesDesigner Tux Pet BandanaDesigner Tux Pet Bandana


Plaid Dog Bow TiePlaid Dog Bow TieWedding Dog BandanaWedding Dog BandanaWedding Dog AttireWedding Dog Attire


Tuxedo Bandanna DogsTuxedo Bandanna DogsDog Bow Tie CuffsDog Bow Tie CuffsFormal black Dog BowtieFormal black Dog Bowtie