Quit Smoking Encouragement Without Nagging

Quit Smoking Encouragement.This is not another read nagging you to quit smoking, I am a real person and this is my quit smoking story Quit Smoking Encouragement I can offer you.I was a heavy smoker for 46 years

 You hear a lot of ex smokers success stories, you never think that one day you will be one of them. Seriously you can be

Fear Of Quitting Smoking

Fear of quitting smoking I now believe is what stops us from giving up our cigarettes and keeps us puffing away. Twice in my life when I needed to be hospitalized I was more worried about how I was going to be able to smoke. Than the operation itself. Thats crazy!

My reasons for quitting smoking

Dare I say Honestly it was the cost and I am not going to tell lies and say my health because after 46 years.  Yes I smoked for 46 years and heavy 35-50 cigarettes per day. I think it was my time.

 There are hundreds of toxic reasons to give up cigarettes,including our health I agree but that fear of quitting smoking is real.

Quit Smoking Encouragement
Quit Smoking because you can


I came back to this post today 8 months after I wrote it having just yesterday written My seriously Bad Health Effects of Smoking Cigarettes.  How to encourage someone to Quit maybe you, after reading the post above you may give it a good go please.

 Secret Of Quitting Smoking

There is NO secret of quitting smoking Please don’t waste your hard earned money on advertisers who try to give you the big sell.

It all comes back to you, there is prescription stop smoking products, tablets which I also tried. Unfortunately for me I became very depressed while taking them, I had stopped smoking but of course I came off the medication and went straight for a cigarette.

My Quit Smoking encouragement My tips to give up smoking that worked for me

I guess I must have been ready mentally and perhaps that is another helpful tip, though I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

I had not pre-planned any day or time

I told myself to see how long I could go without a Cigarette, now before you hurriedly click out of my site because I haven’t offered a miracle think about it.

I have NOT said I will quit smoking. I have not said I am having my last cigarette and I have not said I will never smoke again.

I did not tell anyone that I was trying to quit

I absolutely firmly believe it was the way I had set my thinking, my own mindset I only had to get through a few minutes at a time, an hour at a time a day at a time.

The days went to weeks,the weeks to months

 Honestly –This worked for me –Do not set a date but when you feel ready to try just tell yourself,  that you will see how long you can go without a cigarette. Sound too simple yes it does but it truly did work for me I quit smoking.

I Quit Nicotine Cold Turkey I still can’t believe it I can say I am an ex-smoker. So can you Give it a try you have nothing to lose.

quit smoking encouragement

Do programs help quit smoking

I did join after a week a  government incentive program for extra support, Do programs help quit smoking well for me it was a bit of extra support. They phoned me twice weekly to start and after 3 months I felt ok to carry on.

Hypnotherapy for Quitting Smoking

Have you tried to give up smoking and failed, does hypnotherapy to quit smoking work. I honestly cannot tell you I have not tried hypnotherapy myself strangely I did not give it a thought.

I do think though that it could be the way to go for a few people


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quit smoking encouragement
Terrible addiction but you can give up smoking


I have recently read up on The Kerry Gaynor Method – The Doctor Recommended way to QUIT SMOKING FOR LIFE – No withdrawals, Cravings, or Weight Gain, guaranteed. Again I have not tried this,but the reviews show many have and been successful

The Kerry Gaynor Method - The Doctor Recommended way to QUIT SMOKING FOR LIFE - No withdrawals, Cravings, or Weight Gain, guaranteed - Stop Smoking and Start Living and take control of your health today.The Kerry Gaynor Method  QUIT SMOKING FOR LIFE 


Lung Detox Supplements

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More stop smoking help products

 I was about a month along and reading a lot of books. Have you got any idea how much extra time you have when you aren’t rushing off to smoke a cigarette? Some of my book characters smoked and that really affected me so I went and purchased some gum, Nicorette Nicotine gum.

I chose 4mg and found it really helped,  here are some you can choose from. I used Nicorette you may prefer the 2mg.

Nicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 4 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 160 countNicorette Nicotine Gum Nicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 4 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 20 countNicorette Nicotine Gum Nicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 2 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 20 countNicorette Nicotine GumNicorette Gum, White Ice Mint, 200 Pieces,2 mg EachNicorette Gum,


I liked the mint taste of the Nicorette gum and found I could chew a piece for a couple of hours by chewing as recommended. Then resting the gum in my mouth. I did not feel any tingling in my mouth in fact I had no adverse effects.

Nicotine Patches do they work

Nicotine patches contain about 1/3 to 1/2 of nicotine found in cigarettes and the nicotine from them moves a lot slower through your body than that of a cigarette.

Nicotine therapy will work for most smokers wanting to quit it is a case of how badly you want to quit that counts. However if at any time you slip up don’t give up just go back to what you have been doing.

If you are thinking about combining two quit smoking aids together such as the patch and gum please consult your Doctor.

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quit smoking encouragement

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 You may like to have a look at these Harmless Cigarettes.
They will give you that feeling of having the hand to mouth habit of smoking but are nicotine and chemical free.
The Harmless cigarette gives about 2000 puffs with an estimated lasting time of 3-5 weeks.
Customers have given these a 82% 5 star reviews.

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Looking to buy a congratulation gift for a family member or friend,or a trinket for your self who has quit smoking

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6 thoughts on “Quit Smoking Encouragement Without Nagging”

  1. I smoked for about 15 years. Giving up was the best decision I ever made, but it’s not easy. Just keep at it and don’t look back.

  2. What a nice way to encourage others to stop smoking. I smoked 30 years ago. And quite twice. After 30 years as a non smoker I can say my lungs feel so much better. Of course everything tastes better too, so that might not be so great LOL.

    Kudos to you for quitting.

  3. Thank you Jill, 10 months on I am still a ex smoker, first thing I noticed was smell I could smell so much better,then food tastes much better am hoping my lungs will improve a lot more .

  4. I smoked for over almost 40 years & quit 5 years ago. In fact, husband and I quit together. LOL We both survived. He does much better than me. Honestly, sometimes I still get a bad craving for a cigarette in times of stress, after a meal or when in the company of a smoker. Hang in there! Your tips are spot on!

  5. Thank you Sylvia, I find it amazing how much the Nicotine,chemicals and the habit, get such a hold on you.
    Of course when we all started the tobacco companies pulled the wool over our eyes. So much the trendy thing to do as seen when we watch all the vintage movies.

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