How To Easily Brew a Perfect Pot of Tea

How To Easily Brew a Perfect Pot of Tea

How to make Tea in a Teapot with loose tea. Learn to make a delicious cup of tea in minutes to your own taste. 

Did you know Tea is equal to drinking water because it also helps keep you hydrated. Tea also contains flavonoids and antioxidants which may help prevent some Cancers and Heart Disease. By drinking 3-4 cups per day you can help your health.

easily brew perfect pot tea
Learn how to easily brew the perfect pot of tea

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How to easily brew Perfect Pot Tea

How to make Tea with Tea Leaves easily

You have no need for a lot of Hot Tea Accessories,

    • A Kettle
    • A Teapot
    • Good quality loose leaf tea
    • A Teaspoon measure
    • A Tea Strainer *optional
    • Tea cups

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7 Steps for Perfect Tea 

The process of making Tea is relatively easy

Using fresh water, pure water or rainwater if you have it,

Fill your kettle with only as much water as you need

Extra water means extra heating time and costs you more electricity,  unless of course you have Gas, as Electric Kettles pull a lot of power.

  • When boiled pour a small amount of the water into your Teapot,remember always heat your pot first,swirl around tip out.
  • Add the required amount of Tea to your Teapot, this will vary according to your taste.
  • I was always taught by my 87 year old Tea lover Dad,one spoon for each person and one for the pot. This can be adjusted.
  • Fill nearly to the top of the Teapot with the rest of your boiling water and leave the lid off, so as not to stew (over cook) the Tea
  • Steep (soak) the Tea leaves to release the flavor and nutrients of the Tea Leaves
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes.


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Tea Pot Cup Set Tea for One

For people who may live on their own or want a cup of tea while the family are away, the ideal is a single serve teapot with a cup. While many will easily pop a tea bag those of us who enjoy a cup of tea with loose tea leaves can still enjoy a cuppa with a teapot with cup on the bottom.

Tea For One Owls
Tea For One Owls
Tea one teapot cup setTea one teapot cup set

Cup of Tea Time

  • While your Tea is brewing set out your Teacups
  • Milk if desired
  • Lemon slices if using
  • Sugar or Sweetener
  • Teaspoons one for each person
  • For the Tea drinkers who require milk always place the milk in the teacup first,this will stop the milk from curdling.

Perfect Tea Maker Teavana

Best Tea Maker if you like to make a perfect cup of tea with leaves.

Simply pour your boiling water and add your favourite tea leaves.

Pop the Tea maker on top of your favourite mug.

Your cup of tea will be strained and the Tea Leaves will stay in the Tea maker.

Easy to clean and reassemble.

Black Teavana Perfectea Maker: 16oz Perfect Tea Maker Teavana


Drink tea like a Royal

If you like to have a pretty and versatile china tea set take a look at this Gracie China Red Poppy Tea Set. Affordable and easily replaceable should you break any of the pieces.

A Lovely and bright design to set up when you have friends over for afternoon Tea.

Looking for Red and White China Tea Sets. Here this bright red and white themed Poppy Print are just beautiful as your hot tea accessories.   A nice gift for Tea Drinkers

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Easily Brew Perfect Pot Tea-Video

easily brew perfect pot tea

Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Best Gifts For Tea Drinkers


Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers.Tea along with water is the most consumed beverage throughout the World. My Dad has drunk tea for the best part of his 88 years. He likes nothing better than to make a perfect Pot of tea from loose leaf Tea Leaves and always in a Teapot.

I guess because dad was born in England and Oh how the English love their cuppa tea. You know Of course, that “you must know how to brew that tea the right way” So says my Dad.

Personalized Tea MugPersonalized Tea MugPersonalized Tea MugGlass Teapot with Infuser -Glass Teapot with Infuser –Glass Teapot with Infuser -Teabloom Flowering TeaTeabloom Flowering TeaTeabloom Flowering Tea

I used to avoid buying dad hot tea accessories but I’m going out on a limb this year. Previously I felt that the Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers were limited. I don’t know why I thought that, How naive I am.

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Of course it is not only the English who can make great tea and Mary Lou Heiss explains this well in her book The Story Of Tea. This book will tell you how to buy your tea, and make a good brew. A must buy for serious Tea Drinkers.

How to brew a Pot of Tea

The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking GuideThe Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide

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Best gifts for Tea Drinkers

So lets start with teapots and tea kettles so many choices it’s hard to know where to start first.

Maybe we can look at Glass Teapots with Infuser. One of my dads favorites: I love to see the tea wend its way out of the infuser into the boiling water, leaving the tea leaves behind. Have you tried the teapot warmers perfectly safe for glass teapots.

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Best Rated Electric Tea Kettles

Can be hard to judge the best electric tea kettles but I go by customer reviews when I affiliate for Amazon. Today there are several choices of style from stainless steel to ceramic.

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Cup of Tea and Cookies

What better to go with a nice cup of hot tea than cookies or a piece of cake. Do  you prefer to make your own gift basket. Here’s a tiny selection of whats available. , .

In a hurry Tea Gift Basket Ideas ready made

Make your own gift basket ideas

Last Christmas my daughter and I both had come up with one of those light bulb moments for Christmas gift giving. We both made gift baskets full of goodies that each person liked and they were a big hit. Easy to put together when you have chosen your basket.

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Tea for One teapots

The most elegant of the tea for one teapots I chose was Royal Albert “Old Country Roses”: certainly not a cheap teapot but you all deserve to be spoilt. The green teapot ideal for one person as it holds 2 cups and I picked the blue teapot for the men out there.

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Health Healing Teas

Healing Herbal TeasHealing Herbal Teas

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Dads Cup
My dad just loves his cup of tea

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