Cool Fun Dog Print Bedding Cool Cat Owners Too

  Cool Fun Dog Print Bedding and for cool Cat owners too.

We are currently decorating a bedroom for when  my two grandsons sleep over, both growing now. They laugh at the current style room they sleep in as we painted when they were tiny wee babies.

We are a huge animal loving family and my darling boy Rudi is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The boys only have a Maltese Cross called Cuddles now, having lost Charlie a year ago a Lhasa Apso.

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Dog Print Bedding

My grandsons badly want a Pug dog and this was a part of the theme for the big bedroom upgrade. We have painted the walls white, planning to break the color up with wall art.

Cool fun dog print bedding

This first duvet or quilt we picked is a little bit out of the square from the norm and the usual cuddly puppy dog designs. This cartoon dog print bedding features a Pug dog and White cat looking super cool in dark sunglasses. Black suit coat jacket with white shirt and black tie. Completed with black Trilby Hats.

The 4 piece Bedding Set shown below comes with Duvet and pillow cases in 3 sizes and is Polyester.  Don’t like this design simply click on the image below or Buy Now button to be taken up to many different styles and designs on Aliexpress.

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Cool fun dog print beddingCool dog print bedding

Black White Bed Set

This Cool Fun Dog Print Bedding is in two strong stand out colors of black and white, here below is the reverse side of the duvet. You can play up either color with accessories of choice, cushions posters, furniture,curtains.

black white bedding
Bedroom color scheme of black white bedding

Dog Cushion Covers

There are large selections featuring dogs and cat cushion covers and cushions,should you want to continue along that theme. My grandsons did want some which they will add their own bits and pieces too. We bought several different styles from their favorite dogs to fun cartoon dogs and cats.

Cat Nap Pillow CushionCat Nap Pillow CushionCat cartoon PIllowCat cartoon Pillow

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How To Fold A Duvet Cover

Pug Dog Duvet Cover

I mentioned earlier that my grandsons wanted a Pug Dog so I chose for their second bed a Pug dog duvet cover but with only the single cute Pug. Keeping in the black and white bedding theme 

Duvet Cover & P/case Bedding Bed Set White Pug DogDuvet Cover & P/case Bedding Bed Set White Pug Dog

Matching Pillow Cases Pugs

With some gorgeous Pug humor, these are cushion covers only

Pug Dog Zippered Pillow Case OnlyPug Dog Zippered Pillow Case OnlyPug Dog Custom Pillowcase OnlyPug Dog Custom Pillowcase Only

Add Some Dog Breed Clocks

Some Cat Wall Clocks too Never let the kids tell you they don’t know the time

Cute Pug Wall ClockCute Pug Wall ClockCute Funny Cat Wall ClockCute Funny Cat Wall ClockBlack Cat Witching HourBlack Cat Witching Hour