My Seriously Bad Health Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

My seriously bad health effects of Smoking cigarettes

How many warnings do we read about the health effects of smoking  cigarettes. And how quickly do we flip to a new screen.

health effects of smoking cigarettes
My seriously bad health effects of smoking cigarettes

 Flip the page in a book or magazine when the quit smoking ads are right there before our eyes and those horrible TV quit smoking ad commercials.

I clearly stated in my post  of July 6th 2016 ” My reasons for quitting smoking,  Honestly it was the cost. And I am not going to tell lies and say my health because after 46 years, Yes I smoked for 46 years and heavy 35-50 cigarettes per day.  

I had quit on the 4th January 2016,that post was written on my late mothers birthday I had not given up for my health. I should eat those words though quitting has probably saved my life.

In the December of that year I went for a Ultra sound of my lower back due to decreasing mobility which I had been living with for 10 years. This has worsened over the last 5 years and I now know why! 

A very much on the ball Radiologist picked up a blockage in the Aorta in the area of my belly button.

Off I went for another Ultrasound looking for more of the blockage in the Femoral Arteries of my legs. I did indeed have Peripheral Arterial Disease of the legs (PAD) starting from the Aorta near my navel.

What Is Peripheral Arterial Disease Legs

I have to have Femoral Artery Bypass Surgery both legs caused by Smoking of course. I had smoked for 46 years,heavily up to 50 cigarettes per day.

Further testing of my heart and lungs show minor blockages were found in  the arteries to my heart. What a blessing.

Cardiac Angiogram Procedure video

What is a Angiogram

My lungs have been badly affected and I have COPD or Emphysemia I am now using two puffer medications daily. I am told that at least these medications will deter any further damage to my lungs.

video COPD What Is COPD Emphysemia

Was my cigarette smoking habit worth all this absolutely Not,but you know the fear of quitting smoking. The addiction to nicotine used to override my worrying about my health.

Fight Cigarette Craving

Have I felt the need of a cigarette through all these health tests Oh Yes certainly I have. So I buy Nicorette Gum again my fave Nicotine Gum better than a cigarette I figure.

In a previous blog post I wrote on Quit Smoking Encouragement

Never buy the original flavor it is revolting

Nicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 2 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 160 countNicorette Nicotine Gum White Ice Mint 2 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 160 count

I mentioned previously here that I had not walked well for 10 years and this agonizing pain when walking had become worse in the last 5 years. This I have now found is because of the disease called Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) in my legs.

Peripheral Artery Disease