Small Dog Costumes Christmas Ideas

Small Dog Costumes: Christmas Ideas

Cat Christmas Costume: Lets not leave out Cat Lovers. Small Dog Costumes are well suited for your darling feline. 


small dog Christmas outfits
Bentley Says all my friends are wearing small dog Christmas outfits this year to look as cute as me. Bentley and Michelle wish you all a Merry Christmas

Your pets can join you in the happy holiday season of Christmas. Christmas costumes, for dogs. A very adorable cuteness overload.

Found a Etsy product you like: on our website but it’s not in your country? Let me help you here  

Christmas Pajamas for Dogs

Of all the small dog Christmas Costumes that have been sold through this Christmas Blog Post. The largest percentage have been Christmas Pajamas for Dogs.

The handmade market seems to be the most favored. Perhaps like me you all like one of a kind,individual designs. I chose Etsy as my go to for these, supporting small family businesses.

Christmas Dog PajamasChristmas Dog PajamasChristmas Dog PajamasDog pajamas ChristmasDog pajamas ChristmasDog pajamas ChristmasGreyhound ChristmasGreyhound ChristmasGreyhound Christmas

Small Dog Costumes Christmas Ideas

This is a awesome idea for those of you who want to cuddle up to your much loved dog sharing similar gorgeous Christmas Pajamas together. For the family lovely warm fleece Pajamas. 

Family Matching Christmas Griswold Pajamas Plus Doggie

Celebrate this Christmas with matching Griswold pajamas for the whole family! Are you Serious Clark?? 

Family Griswold PajamasFamily Griswold PajamasFamily Griswold Pajamas

Matching Dog and Owner Christmas Pajamas

Christmas PajamasChristmas PajamasChristmas PajamasRudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerRudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerRudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerFamily Matching Christmas Matching ChristmasFamily Matching Christmas

Dog PajamasDog PajamasDog PajamasMerry XmasMerry XmasMerry XmasChristmas DogChristmas DogChristmas Dog


Looking for more Christmas gift ideas

Grinch Dog Costume

Just in-case you all may not really want to celebrate Christmas match your dog into your own scenario of The Christmas Grinch  haha

Grinch Dog CostumeGrinch Dog Costume

Small Dog Christmas Sweater 

Cute knitted small dog Christmas sweaters lovely and warm for our fur babies in the colder climates. Some people call them Ugly Christmas Sweaters each to their own but your doggie will be warm and very cute to you.

Dog Sweater red whiteDog Sweater red whitered white Dog Jumperred white Dog JumperSweater dog red whiteSweater dog red white


Pet Sweater Dog CatsPet Sweater Dog CatsChristmas ReindeerChristmas Reindeer


Small Dog Christmas Dresses

So many small dog Christmas dresses to choose from makes it hard to pick a few. I have a male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who might just take some offense to being dressed up in Christmas Dresses but they really are gorgeous.

If you really want beautifully handmade, do take a good look around Etsy who ships worldwide for it’s shop owners. Each shop owner is a Artisan in their own right and a mom or dad earning a little extra.

Red Polka DotRed Polka DotGirl Dogs Female CatsGirl Dogs Female CatsPrettiest ChristmasPrettiest Christmas


Small Dog Christmas Outfits

I have included the dog costumes here that have accessories with the costume. Many have the hats including a Christmas Elf Dog Costume.  Definitely a unique unusual gift idea for any dog for the Festive season, or for it’s owner as a gift.

Dog Costumes for ChristmasDog Costumes for Christmas

Christmas Elf Dog CostumeChristmas Elf Dog Costume

Elf Pet Costume,Elf Pet Costume,Christmas Costumes DogChristmas Costumes DogGingerbread Pup DogGingerbread Pup Dog



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